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Started by prawnman88 - Last post by wattMaster
If we're talking about light trespass and sky glow, what about FCO optics?
 2   Lamps / Videos / Re: Crushing lit lamps with hydraulic press  on: Today at 05:39:45 PM 
Started by Zarlog - Last post by dischargecraze
Xenon bulbs generate so much pressure when they are running at full power that the explosion could kill someone of the glass flying everywhere.
 3   Lamps / Modern / Re: "GE LED Mercury" with Active Cooling Fan inside  on: Today at 05:26:09 PM 
Started by merc - Last post by dischargecraze
You won't achieve any energy efficiency with that by adding a small fan because that will increase the need for more power, hence the bulb will be just a fancy new fangled retrofit

Otherwise just stick to mercury or get a HPS retrofit bulb

We who like lighting as hobby or profession would do that probably, unfortunately big companies are pushing LED's into peoples minds for a buck. LED retrofits aren't really suitable in fixtures made for MV or HPS. People except us don't understand.
 4   Lanterns/Fixtures / Modern / Re: No LED  on: Today at 12:44:45 PM 
Started by wattMaster - Last post by Ash
Can you elaborate on the glare/eyestrain ? What sort of luminaire design, what lighting level, and what actually causes the eyestrain : direct glare from lenses, too "flat" light distribution, excessive blue, too "flat" colors in general ?
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Started by RyanKorponay12 - Last post by Ash
Assuming this is Electronic ballast (based on the 4pin lamp and on your location)

Electronic ballasts need a dry place. Inside a sealed/protected luminaire outdoors is okay, and indoors is okay. Behind the luminaire, where water might flow through on the wall, is to be avoided

There is a limit on the length of the wiring from the ballast to the lamp. Ideally it'd have to be close to the lamp - within a foot or so, but probably would work just fine within a few ft

Ballasts can be installed in any sort of standard electrical connection box or panel, or in specially made enclosures for ballasts. Most of those are for recessed cans with PLs, i.e. they are designed for use in the inner space of a ceiling. But can be used anywhere you want in a dry location. With a waterproof box they can be used outdoors

So, your main choices are :

 - Ballast inside the luminaire

 - Ballast in a box, with a 4+Earth cable to the luminaire

i am not familiar with your electrical codes, so i am suggesting what i see as "good practice" generally. Maybe your codes will have more specific requirements
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Started by RyanKorponay12 - Last post by wattMaster
What does the outdoor light look like?
 7   General / General Discussion / PL lamp in outdoor light  on: Today at 11:15:43 AM 
Started by RyanKorponay12 - Last post by RyanKorponay12
I'm wanting to fit my outdoor light with a 26 watt PL lamp and I replaced the medium Base with a 4 prong PL base and now I need to put the ballast somewhere and I'm not sure we're help please!
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Started by fluorescent - Last post by randacnam7321
As has already been mentioned on this thread, the problem is with major derps in the design of LED fixtures and idiots with no understanding of technological limitations pushing nonsense.  LEDs are fine when implemented properly in applications where they make sense.
 9   Lanterns/Fixtures / Modern / Re: No LED  on: Today at 06:27:10 AM 
Started by wattMaster - Last post by randacnam7321
Having replaceable components is not something I am seeing with all of the LED rubbish that I see installed by me, thus the age old problem of permanently installed components causing the whole fixture to be scrap when something in it dies.  It will probably take a few more years before these things start dying en masse on a regular basis and end users having to pony up full price when they don't have subsidies and rebates to fall back on as these fixtures tend to go for obscene prices.

Then there is the double edged sword of the high efficiency total internal reflection optics causing bad glare, something that several of my technologically aware friends often grep about due to all of the problems they have with eyestrain from LED fixtures (such are the joys of blue eyes).

And of course there is the same old problem of appropriate solutions to a given problem coupled coupled with what I call the fallacy of universal supplantation, which is the stupid idea that anything new must totally replace all that came before it.
 10   Lamps / Modern / Re: Walmart 40/60/100 equivalent halogen lamps  on: Today at 01:37:27 AM 
Started by mdcastle - Last post by Silverliner
Modified spectrum means it has a coating that alters the original spectrum. Like the GE Reveal bulbs for example. In the case of the halogens, they have a slightly pink coating. It's how they get away by using lower efficiency standards permitted for modified spectrum lamps. The GV bulbs are made by Sylvania in the St Mary's PA plant, with capsules made all over the world. Some are made in the USA, some made in Germany, some made in China.
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