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do i need distilled water or can i just use the normal tap water?

nevermind, looked around the web and found no mention of using distilled water so i'll just use tap, also if this does work, i'm sure my parents have plenty of things for me to clean lol
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Nothing wrong with a (very)occasional fast-food meal, but every day (or even once a week) YUCK.

I have a very occasional fast food meal myself. Cool But yeah every day is just plain wrong.
Hey now... there are some women that are a tad bit bigger that are still on the beautiful side.
I think the best example I can give, although not a good one... Topanga from Boy Meets World. I
had the biggest, BIGGEST crush on that woman when I was a kid. Seriously.

True, beauty is only skin deep while personality goes much further if you know what I mean. Wink
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Hail doesn't happen often here but I've noticed that the sky turns a greenish colour before hail does happen.

A while back I remember we had a very big powerful storm during the day and there was many close strikes. I opened the door on my Nissan and could smell the ozone so it must have been very close. I also seem to recall a slight tingling when I touched the metal body of the car as well. Shocked
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Here is the wreck of my old Ford from last year. A red light runner using her phone caused this impact.
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If this lamp runs-up as a clear MV lamps all the way until full regime, and turns into a regular HPS color instead of a redder color, this is an unsaturated (Non-cycling) HPS lamp.
However, the only unsaturated HPS lamp I've know of EYE, is the Sunlux Ultra Ace, that is used for retrofitting CWA ballasts for MV lamps.
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Making old rusty things new is not the same as filling the house with smelly smoke from an exploding capacitor in there eyes, really..
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You only need one, keep the smoothest one, and yes if your parents get some help and they find out this crazy idea your trying works they will let you experiment further.. 
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i could use the other rotor... unless is it needed? or did i only need one? also i like your idea
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Those should work, they are just for weight, now to clean them for welding, do you have a chunk of something scrap iron ( it doesn't matter what it is, it just has to be iron so it could be a few large nails, or even one of the rotors, basically anything heavy will work)  that your willing to sacrifice ? it takes a day or two but it's way easier then scraping or sanding, to do it the easy way you need a plastic bucket or pail or Rubbermaid container, a small 6 or 12 volt DC plug in adapter only like an amp or two is good, a few feet of wire, a few gallons of water and scoop of washing soda like Arm & Hammer, all you need to do is fill the pail with enough water to cover both the scrap iron piece and the rotor, add a scoop or two of the washing soda, and stir, now twist the positive wire around the scrap piece, make sure it has a good contact with the metal, you might have to sand it, then drop it in the water, now place a few pieces of plastic like few bic pens to electrically insulate it from the rotor your going to be placing on top of it, and then hook the rotor up to the negative wire and drop it in the water, making sure it's not touching the stuff connected to the positive wire,  now dry your hands and plug it in, you should see bubbles start to form, and you will have to turn the rotor over in 12 to 24 hours to clean both sides, but now you can walk away and give it a day or two, maybe three, and you'll have a nice shiny clean rotor.. And remember to unplug it before sticking your hands in the water..

Now knowing you have parents I would suggest doing this outside, the water will go rust brown, it will discolor things if spilled so do it on the grass, it won't harm the grass and if you spill some the grass will grow and it'll be gone in a week.. And if your mom has any old rusty Cast iron pans this works wonders, offer to clean it for her, or if your dad has any old rusty tools do the same, if you help out around the house they will let you do more of this kind of stuff, really, and your not working harder, just smarter..

How this works, and it will clean anything iron, is basic electrolysis and your using power to move iron, it's a lot like chrome plating only backwards.. and the iron scrap on the positive will go brown and black with severe rusting happening, and if you use copper wire it will go green and blue, but the piece on the rotor your cleaning will stay clean..

Those alligator clips are also nice for this as they apply constant pressure so they maintain a good contact, but make sure the one on the positive wire is disposable, because it will rust real bad, so don't use the one attached to a battery charger unless you feel like replacing it in a few days..    
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fun lamp
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