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Symbolic designation system for fluorescent lamps in China « on: May 13, 2017, 07:05:00 AM » Author: Men of God

(4)其他符号CE:表示无线电干扰符合要求。此外,灯管上还会有额定电压和功率等技术参数。 示例:1)T8YZ36RR:表示的是管径为1in(英寸),功率为36W,日光色普通直管型荧光灯(如直接用公制尺寸表示玻管直径,上例也可标为YZ36RR26,表示管径为26MM).2)YK20RN32:表示的是管径为32mm,功率为20W,暖白色快速启动荧光灯。3)YDN9-2U·RR:表示的是9W2U型日光色单端内启动荧光灯。4)YDW16-2D·RN:表示的16W2D型暖白光单端外启动荧光灯。(螺旋型自镇流灯的结构用S表示,即用S取代3U即可)

What's the meaning of the logo on the fluorescent tube?
(1) a symbol indicating the type of fluorescent lamp
YZ: the common straight fluorescent lamp (Y is the fluorescent lamp, the first letter of Chinese phonetic alphabet, and the Z-- is the first letter of the Chinese phonetic alphabet)
YK: stands for fast start fluorescent light (K is "quick start")
YS: represents an instantaneous start type fluorescent lamp (S is "instantaneous start")
YG: stands for high frequency fluorescent lamp YDN: means single ended start fluorescent lamp
YDW: single ended external start fluorescent lamp
YH: ring fluorescent lamp YPZ: for general lighting, ballast fluorescent lamp
D: electronic (inductive self ballasted lamp symbol omitted) Note: International Electrotechnical Commission (abbreviated as IEC) means:
PS: preheat start;
RS: quick start;
S: hot cathode single pin type instantaneous start. Foreign products are often used in such symbols. (2) a symbol indicating the diameter of the glass tube of the lamp; the diameter of the glass tube of the lamp is represented by TX.
Among them, T: refers to the tube type glass tube; X: refers to the diameter of the glass tube, X/8in (English).
Example: T12 indicates that the tubular type glass tube has a diameter of 12/8in.
At present, the size of glass tubes can be directly represented by metric size in the domestic model.
(3) said the symbol RR light color: color (color 6500K) said Sun RZ said: neutral white (color 5000K) RL said: cool white (color 4000K) RB said: White (color 3500K) RN: warm white (color 3000K) RD said: incandescent color (color 2700K)
(4) other symbol CE: radio interference is indicated. In addition, there are technical parameters such as rated voltage and power on the tube. Sample: 1) said: T8YZ36RR is the diameter of 1in (inches), power 36W, fluorescent color ordinary fluorescent lamp (such as the direct use of metric size said glass tube diameter, this can also be marked as YZ36RR26, that is 26MM in diameter.2) said: YK20RN32) is the diameter 32mm, power is 20W warm white, rapid start fluorescent lamp. 3) YDN9-2U: RR: represents the 9W2U type fluorescent single ended fluorescent lamp. 4) YDW16-2D. RN: represents the 16W2D type warm white single ended external fluorescent lamp. The structure of the spiral self ballasted lamp is represented by S, that is, replacing 3U with S
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