Author Topic: Incandescent EXIT signs [UK/EU]  (Read 179 times)
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Incandescent EXIT signs [UK/EU] « on: October 12, 2017, 03:02:34 AM » Author: Flurofan96
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Anyone seen or remember the EXIT signs in the UK  (or EU) that used incandescent lamps and the front "EXIT" bezel was with green letters on a black background?

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Re: Incandescent EXIT signs [UK/EU] « Reply #1 on: October 12, 2017, 03:20:06 AM » Author: Ash
In Israel in the 70s we had something that was like the 8W Fluorescent versions with the Plastic cover, and was the right size for 8W Fluorescent (so i think the manufacturers already made or atleast planned to make the Fluorescent version at that point), but inside it were 2..4 Incandescents, i think 5W automotive lamps, and some electronic module that i guess took care of charging and on/off control

There were also emergency lighting lanterns (not signs) which were basically a GLS bulkhead with an electronic module (apparently containing the battery in it) and a couple of the automotive lamps instead of the standard E27
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