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Krypton lamp

Krypton lamp

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This lamp has been in use at my parents' house since the 80's; it probably has over 15,000 hrs on it and still works fine. Note the unusual bulb shape. I just removed it for my collection yesterday. I don't remember the manufacturer, but these lamps were purchased thru a mail-order company as "extra long life lamps" rated for 10,000 hours. They use a Krypton filling but still tend to darken over the years - the rest of the lamps were thrown out since they had become so dim (but hadn't failed!) This was supposed to be a 52w lamp ("60w equivalent" but is about as bright as a 40w); some of the others were 90w I think.

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Light Information

Light Information

Manufacturer:Fuller Brush
Lamp Type:Krypton filled incandescent
Base:E26 medium
Service Life:10,000 hrs rated
Color Temperature:2800
Color Rendering Index:100
Factory Location:USA
Application/Use:General lighting

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Verd a ray classic.

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Jun 26, 2006 at 03:16 PM Author: Silverliner
I think your bulb is a Fullerbrush brand. The shape is a DC-19. The shape was orginally used by Westinghouse for the Super Bulb (in a smaller DC-17) envelope and the Turtle Lite. Philips picked up the shape after buying out Westinghouse and continues to manufacture 10,000 hour bulbs in this shape to this day. I have two "long life" bulbs with this shape.

May all the great lighting technologies have their place in history.

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Jun 28, 2006 at 12:19 PM Author: arcblue
You are absolutely correct! I had forgotten that my mom used to order things from the Fuller Brush catalog. It would make perfect sense that that is where it was from. And thanks for reminding me of the bulb shape - I couldn't remember what it (DC) was called.

Are the Philips 10,000 hr lamps also Krypton filled? Where can you get them?

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Aug 20, 2006 at 07:56 PM Author: Lumalux
I have purchased these lamps in the past 20 years but not from Fuller Brush. They have been from commercial distributors of extended service lamps so I assumed it was a variation on the A-19 krypton lamps from Supreme, Marvel, Guaranteed, etc. Even the imprint is identical to the 10,000 hour lamps with the Guaranteed imprint on the crown.
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