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New vs old

New vs old

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This is in a Walmart which had an addition recently (past 10 years?. To the left you can see the older style lighting they used and to the right are the newer style. I like the older style better.

IMG_20190215_161742.jpg IMG_20190215_160934.jpg IMG_20190108_144738.jpg IMG_20181121_212002.jpg

Light Information

Light Information

Lamp Type:Fluorescent
Ballast Type:Electronic
Wattage:28 or32
Color Temperature:5000k

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Mike McCann

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Jan 08, 2019 at 03:51 PM Author: streetlight98
I personally hate the staggered lamp ones on the far left. My local walmart has those. I actually like the new ones on the right end of the drop ceiling better. The reflectors are larger (they look less glary in the picture too!) and the lamps are in-line, the proper way to do it in my opinion. The 2nd closest walmart to me has lights similar to the newer drop ceiling lights in this pic, except they are 4-lamp F32T8 instead of 2-lamp.

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Cole D.
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Jan 08, 2019 at 05:56 PM Author: Cole D.
That looks just like the Walmart here. On ours (I think it was originally built in 1992), it didn't have that grocery deparment. And it had the drop ceiling with those staggered lamp fixtures (I like them myself.) Then around the late 1990s they added on the grocery section with those open beam ceilings and those light fixtures. I can remember as a kid, it seemed like the lights in that section would be off or dimmed during the day since it had those skylights that let in sunlight.

Although those red signs are different than the one here, because here they say "Voted Florida's #1 Low Price Leader" instead of "America's".

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Jan 09, 2019 at 02:08 PM Author: Lightingguy1994
My walmart still has the shoplight fixtures and they are still 2 lamp but they have LED tubes in them. There is some T5 louvers hanging over the produce area. The big black price signage are blue here
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Jan 11, 2019 at 03:45 PM Author: suzukir122
I do know of two Walmart stores near Dayton that still have the drop ceiling/ceiling tiles. Haven't been to them for a while, but
I know for a fact they've probably been downgraded to LED. Both the Walmart stores I typically shop at in Franklin and Xenia Ohio,
contain the sky-light based ceilings, and unfortunately, LED retrofitted fixtures. At least the fixtures here in this picture are
still fluorescent, and two lamp

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