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Universal 2xF28T5 Ballast - B228PUNV-C

Universal 2xF28T5 Ballast - B228PUNV-C

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A Universal 'AccuStart' 2-lamp F28T5 electronic programmed-start ballast. Can also be used to run just one lamp. Has EOL protection (like all T5 ballasts i've seen).
Shown here mounted to a board for testing (a fairly common thing you'll see with me) Test lamps were a pair of 30w F32T8 Altos..this thing seems to light 'em close to full brightness.

Says minimum start temp is only -18c/0f ... LOL maybe next winter i'll 'test' that since it can get colder than that here. :)

(might use this to run a F40T12 if its dimmer than the F32T8 IS balast i'm currently using LOL plus kinda like the idea of having EOL protection on that thing .. gottta work in cold tho)

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Light Information

Light Information

Model Reference:B228PUNV-C
Lamp Type:Linear Fluorescent
Base:Mini Bi-Pin
Service Life:-unknown-
Fixture Type:2-Lamp
Ballast Type:Electronic Programmed Start
Socket Type:Mini Bi-Pin
Location:(not installed)
Wattage:2x 28
Voltage:120 (input) / 450v (output)
Current:.55a (w/2x28w)
Factory Location:Mexico
Fabrication Date:-unknown-
Application/Use:General Lighting

File information

File information

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Album name:xmaslightguy / Fluorescent Ballasts - Electronic Rapid & Programmed Start
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Date added:Jun 13, 2011
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Jun 13, 2011 at 07:22 PM Author: Powell
What does EOL protection do? At the old work place we converted to T8 and the bulbs would burn at EOL even if a filament was broken, but once you turned the lights in the room off the defective bulb would NOT re light. Is that the way it works? The F40 electronic ballast I have will burn a lamp even if a filament is broken. I have a F34T12 that EOL'ed on a RS fixture here at the radio station, but it burns normally for now. I have been burning it at home all last week and this week and it won't emit a bit of a flicker, but acts normal except when you first start it. It then glows purple on the end for a few seconds.



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Jun 13, 2011 at 07:35 PM Author: rjluna2
I see you have the most flexible input voltage! 120 to 277 volts, 50/60 Hz

That means it is for the world-wide fitting.

Pretty, please no more Chinese failure.

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Jun 13, 2011 at 08:31 PM Author: Luminaire
The running current on F28T5 is even lower than F32T8 if I recall correctly.
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Jun 14, 2011 at 04:25 AM Author: dor123
Usually the low cost chinese instant start ballasts for 2 lamps can operate also a single lamp if one of the two lamp is worn out (Operating each lamp independently).
All of the expensive electronic ballasts that i saw for 2 lamps, can run only 2 lamps and if one lamp worn out the other also don't light.

I"m don't speak English well, and rely on online translating to write in this site.
Please forgive me if my choice of my words looks like offensive, while that isn't my intention.

I only working with the European date format (

I lives in Israel, which is a 230-240V, 50hz country.

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^homebuilt fixture

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Jun 14, 2011 at 11:19 AM Author: xmaslightguy
@Powell With EOL protection the ballast will shut down once it detects a lamp has reached EOL (so you won't get all that crazy flickering and orange glow at the end) Its required on T5's so the tube won't crack at EOL.

@rjluna2 Yep..a 'universal voltage' ballast I've got T8 ballast that will do the same 120-277 AC, and also 120-150v DC

@Luminaire I looked it up, yep running current on a F28T5 is just 170ma

@dor123 This is a more expensive one (but i got a deal on it) if one lamp is worn out they both will go out, but it can also be wired to run in one lamp mode.

Colored Fluorescent's such as F40T12 Red or  Green or Blue are awesome...

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