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Vintage late 90s GE F20T12 BlackLightBlue fluorscent tubes (Click on image for detailed look)

Vintage late 90s GE F20T12 BlackLightBlue fluorscent tubes (Click on image for detailed look)

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These are rare, very rare, and I mean rare, like, really rare. To find these NOS in original packaging, in perfect shape, perfectly preserved in freaking LITHUANIA is like finding the Grinch i the dollar store buying Christmas ornaments, and the real glass stuff, not the cheap sh*t. I have three of these as you can see. All i their original European style sleeves. The sleeves for USA market were a bit different I think, I don't remember truly. Some of you loyal subscribers of my gallery will know, that in 2014 I found GE vintage BLB F40T12 tube near the outside rubbish container. I still have it, but is long gone, only for showing, because it lost vacuum in 2017 when I tried to revive it on instant start ballast. One thing to note. Thee tubes actually create ozone. I was testing these tubes and I started smelling funny smell. I leaned towards the tubes and I immediately noticed it is ozone. NOWHERE on the sleeve does it say that these tubes let trough UVC. These are GERMICIDAL?! I was a bit shocked to be honest.

I got these tubes from the garage sale. One guy was selling 5 of these tubes for 8 dollars each. I wanted all five, but I only ha 25 euros at the moment, and I knew if I passed them up, some other lighting geek that I am not aware of will immediately take these. And it was so. I gathered around more money and went to see of he still had other two, and he said that he sold the other two a few hours after I bought these three. Well, three is better than none.

Funny thing is that on the F40T12 BLB one I have it says BLBEX witch I believe means BLB for export. It is also made in USA, but these are BLB, but along the rubbish container symbol it says "Europe". Maybe these are later models? Idk. Fell free to correct me on this.

Crap chinese GE 14t12.jpg IMG_20190223_105515.jpg IMG_20190223_105205.jpg Sylvania NG WW F36T8.jpg

Light Information

Light Information

Manufacturer:GE (General electrics)
Model Reference:F20T12 Blacklight Blue (BLB)
Lamp Type:Fluorescent
Filament/Radiator Type:double coil
Base:G13 bipin
Service Life:approx 20k hours
Factory Location:USA
Fabrication Date:late 90s
Application/Use:For party atmosphere and inspection purposes.

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Feb 23, 2019 at 09:35 AM Author: rjluna2
That's interesting you found these bulbs that was made for export market. An imported bulbs for you

Pretty, please no more Chinese failure.


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My idol is Mylene Farmer, deal with it.

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Feb 23, 2019 at 10:26 AM Author: vytautas_lamps

That's interesting you found these bulbs that was made for export market. An imported bulbs for you

Yep. I really wanted to have these. Hell, the very first tube I ever saw that sparked the interest in Fluorescent tubes for me was a GE F40T12 BLB in the electrical store back in 2008. It was not for sale tho. It was up for the demonstrations, and they showed me how it looks lit, and I was absolutely mesmerized by it, and I really wanted to have it, but because it was the only one left and as a show object, because they stopped importing t12 tubes in Lithuania back in 2004, they didn't let me have it. Come to think about, that store STILL has that lamp, I checked two months ago.

New lighting technologies is a pity fest everywhere you look. From LEDs that last only for two months, to a never-ending global starvation of t8 fluorescent tubes.
We shall reinforce ourselves with good old full mercury t12s and HIDs made to surpass one's life, and give them all the middle finger ;

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