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Four F14T12 lamps running in series on 40W preheat ballast

Four F14T12 lamps running in series on 40W preheat ballast

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Here are my GE F14T12/CW, Sylvania F14T12/R, F14T12/G, and F14T12/B, all running in series on my Advance L-140F-TP 30/40 watt preheat ballast.

This setup works, but it's not suitable for long term use. Total arc voltage is 187V, maxing out the ballast's OCV of 200V. Line current is only 0.27A, just a fraction of the rated operating current, due to the very high arc voltage. This is due to it being an LPF ballast, and the ballast should run much cooler than normal as a result. Lamp current, however, is only 0.11A - too low to evade risk of sputtering. This setup only ran long enough to take the picture. This does, however, mean that three F8T5 lamps, four F6T5 lamps, or five F4T5 lamps should run great on this ballast. However, preheat current would be way too high, but that could be solved by a resistor in series with the starting switch.

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Light Information

Light Information

Lamp Type:4x F14T12
Ballast Type:Advance L-140F-TP 30/40 watt magnetic preheat

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Jun 11, 2014 at 08:53 PM Author: ultralume
Nice to see the colored tubes lit up together. We should try making F14T12 Christmas lights!!!!
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themaritimegirl themaritimegirl themaritimegirl
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Jun 11, 2014 at 08:58 PM Author: themaritimegirl
Yeah, I think they look pretty cool together. Haha, that's a good idea! The right F96T12 slimline ballast or electronic instant start ballast would allow 16 of them to be strung together!

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