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My own creation of safety starters

My own creation of safety starters

I put a PTC in series to the glowbottle. If it operates a, defect fluorescent lamp, the PTC becomes hot, its resistance gets higher and the glowbottle can't more strike the defect fluorescent tube.

In the fluorescent fixture , the safety starter's glowbottle was from poor quality and the bimetals strips welded together.

When i turned the light on, the PTC resistor was cold. The other from the
second fluorescent lamp could start, but aufter ~ 20 seconds, the PTC becomes very hot, its resistance becomes higher. As a result of that, the voltage drop over the PTC is to high, the fluorescent tube can not longer operate.

Note : The fluorescent lamp circuit was made for 220V mains, that's why two lamps (15W) are operated in series with one choke.( 20/22/30W)

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Light Information

Light Information

Model Reference:St151
Lamp Type:Glow starter with PTC resistor
Fixture Type:4x15W
Ballast Type:1x 20W /2x 15W (Siemens)
Socket Type:G13
Voltage:100V~... 250V~ (single/series circuits)
Current:0,4A max.
Factory Location:Germany
Fabrication Date:80s

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File information

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Jul 16, 2019 at 03:45 PM Author: dor123
As these lamps have argon, they can operate, even when the starter not working. I think what happening here, is that the PTC getting hot, as soon as the lamps strikes, and one of them shut off, as it can't holds its discharge anymore without the aid of the starter.

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