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35w HPS magnetic ballast as electronic replacement

35w HPS magnetic ballast as electronic replacement

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I've converted a number of newer plastic LOA undercabinet fixtures to accept their former setup of magnetic choke and starter, so I figured I'd put a spare ballast in this LOA HPS fixture to replace a blown ballast (small capacitor let out the magic smoke). My 50w choke was a bit hard to fit so I tried a 35w one and after a few modifications to the plastic, mounted the choke, ignitor and metal bracket where the electronic ballast board used to be; it fits fine and doesn't get hot. Later I may see if I can fit a regular replaceable photocontrol (done it before on one of these I had converted to CFL) and put in a metal ballast bracket. LOA actually uses a quality Lexan refractor that doesn't yellow (unlike Hubbell) so there's no reason not to keep this fixture & make it into something decent. Lamp shown is a used Luma brand.

Advance201-F4020Preheat20Ballast2B.JPG image~3.jpeg LOA 35w HPS gear+.jpg image~2.jpeg

Light Information

Light Information

Manufacturer:Lights of America
Model Reference:9050-M
Lamp Type:HPS
Base:E26 medium
Fixture Type:Wall pack
Ballast Type:Magnetic LPF with integrated ignitor
Photocell Type:None currently
Factory Location:Home laboratory

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Oct 01, 2018 at 09:50 PM Author: BlueHalide
LOA was the only brand producing cheap plastic residential fixtures with electronic HID ballasts that I know of, and always thought was interesting. They made electronic HPS wallpacks in 50w and 70w, both of which I have installed in the past. These lights were essentially disposable HID fixtures, entirely plastic, the electronic bare PCB ballast board just snaps into plastic clips molded into the back of the fixture, no standard magnetic ballasts fit without significantly modifying the fixture, and the plastic body of the fixture eventually becomes brittle and falls apart after a few relampings. These lights were the embodiment of "designed for the dump" "no user serviceable parts inside" fixtures, and you couldnt get the proprietary electronic ballasts from LOA (ive tried), when they fail, just throw out the fixture. Glad these are no longer made
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Oct 02, 2018 at 01:34 AM Author: Medved
But if you look at it, once the ballast fails, there is not much left on the fixture. Using "proper cover" on the ballast alone would mean the same expenses (here I mean not only manufacture cost, but as well e.g. the environmental impact) as the rest of the fixture, so at the end I do not see that wrong.

In case the ballast fails, the ballast will be thrown out anyway. If the board were covered, the cover would be thrown away. If the cover is replaced with a minimalistic design fixture, you throw away the fixture, roughly the same waste as with the ballast cover (yes, more plastic, but on the other hand no potting material, so about the same environmental load).

What will have quite significant impact is, if the ballast were of better quality, so its lifetime will be longer than of the fixture (with this concept it should not be that hard - the fixture is not going to last for many decades even when you had tons of replacement ballasts). But that is another story...

No more selfballasted c***

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