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Orange Spiral Filament LED

Orange Spiral Filament LED

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I've been on the lookout for a long time to find a 230V version of these super cool orange (and other colors) filament LEDs, but somehow they appear pretty much exclusively in 120V versions for the North American market made by Feit, like this one. No local sellers in Europe seem to stock these.

So I finally found this one on Aliexpress (link to this lamp). And what's interesting is it's a spiral design. It cost me about 11€, so not quite a bargain but it arrived surprisingly quickly from China here in Germany in only 16 days (total).

Thankfully it does seem to have a proper smoothing capacitor as I am unable to detect any flicker at all and I'm quite sensitive to flicker.

It's a really nice color, although it is not as deep of an orange as I was hoping it to be. A more precise definition of it's color would be "orangish-golden" in my opinion. It does render all colors of the spectrum, except maybe cyan and violet I'd say. On the picture it looks a bit more yellow than it actually is. So although I really like it, it would be even cooler if it was closer to a SOX lamp spectrum wise (more limited color rendering and thus deeper orange).

Tungsram.jpg Orange Spiral Filament LED.jpg SDW-T_Gear.jpg NOS_SOX_18W.jpg

Light Information

Light Information

Voltage:220 - 240

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Jan 08, 2019 at 10:04 AM Author: dor123
This is a phosphor orange LED lamp, with uses blue LED + orange phosphor. I've an orange LED nightlight which uses a real orange LED.

I"m don't speak English well, and rely on online translating to write in this site.
Please forgive me if my choice of my words looks like offensive, while that isn't my intention.

I only working with the European date format (

I lives in Israel, which is a 230-240V, 50hz country.

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Jan 08, 2019 at 12:12 PM Author: merc
Nice lamp! Dor123 is right - it's an orange emitting phosphor.

For the best SOX light match you need amber LEDs - they're very similar colour and almost as monochromatic as SOX lamps.
Orange LEDs are more into red - similar to neon glow lamps.

Not a misoLEDist...

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Jan 08, 2019 at 12:52 PM Author: Lightingguy1994
It may be closer looking to High Pressure Sodium

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Jan 08, 2019 at 06:53 PM Author: Skiller
Yes, indeed it looks quite similar to a lower wattage HPS lamp (although of course not nearly as bright).

Brightness wise it does output some usable light. I'm guessing it's approximately in the range of 350 Lumens.

I actually now use it in my Dog Bowl Lantern outside to illuminate my balcony and I'm very pleased so far. It makes for a pretty good security light at only 4W.
In the summer let's see if this light does attract only few insects due to the low output of shorter wavelengths.

I also found that the spiral filament has the advantage over the more common arrangement of four straight filaments in that there aren't any shadows to the sides, only a small spot at the very top is emitting less light and causing a small shadow. The spiral design has a very even distribution of light, nice.

@merc I actually had a pure amber LED lamp with clear filaments in the past, also rated at 4W, but it was so darn dark it barely threw out any usable light so I returned it. But it indeed looked just like SOX and was just as monochromatic. So I'm thinking are amber LEDs by any chance way less efficient in comparison to blue LEDs + phosphor? Anybody know?
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^homebuilt fixture

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Jan 08, 2019 at 08:23 PM Author: xmaslightguy
Neat filament design! Pretty cool looking lamp.

So I'm thinking are amber LEDs by any chance way less efficient in comparison to blue

I'm just talking LEDs here (not LEDs made into a lamp or fixture) ...I've never seen any amber ones which are all that bright.

Colored Fluorescent's such as F40T12 Red or  Green or Blue are awesome...

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Yes. Power distributor:CenterPoint Energy.120V60Hz

GoL UCP_yo1gHzReqS19MjJMXUKg
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Jan 09, 2019 at 07:42 AM Author: lightinglover8902
It kinda looks like a HPS lamp, with orange phosphor LEDs.

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