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HP Active Cool 200

HP Active Cool 200

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This fan has some incredible force to it. Strong enough to overcome the friction between surface it’s on and its case.

Yes it does have the jet engine whine sound to it. Not to mention the incredible noise from it.

It’s based off RC brushless motors. HP looked at the RC EDF planes and found out how powerful they can be in moving air so they designed this fan instead of using a whole bunch of traditional fans (black fox fans) in a server they use a few of these jet fans.

I had to mess around with soldering iron to get it to work but at full throttle. SMD parts aren’t fun to solder.

The questions are: is there a circuit diagram (including part list of what’s needed to make one) of a simple ESC where I can manually vary speed and use 12v to power it. Not those RC ESC which you’d probably need the remote control and some other random things (likely expensive). I want hardwired controlled ESC. (The motor itself is rather simple. Three phase brushless so 3 wires coming out of it.)

Is there a pinout diagram for the edge connector on the fan itself? Like what do the smaller pads do? Internet didn’t help much except the big pads are +12V and ground.

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120/240VAC @ 60HZ

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Jul 16, 2019 at 08:00 AM Author: LampLover
Sorry I can't help with a pinout or speed controller but wow! 16.5A for one fan, what kind of power supply were you using? I wonder how many of these are needed for a server rack as I know high end servers generate a lot of heat. I can't imagine the noise of a room full of servers that use these fans. Are the blades AKA propeller made of metal?

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Jul 16, 2019 at 07:35 PM Author: FGS
A plain old 300w ATX one modified so it stays on unless I flip the switch and give me only 12v. Next one I hack up I’ll get other voltages leads. The fan in that PSU gave up the ghost so I’m using the jet blast off this fan to cool the internals.

Not many of HP’s servers take these type of fans. C7000, C3000, and D6000. Any other servers take plain old black box fans but highly souped up ones. Your typical computer have the typical 4 cylinder eco engine of fans. The servers beside the three I mentioned have the Hellcat engine of fans. Those three have the afterburning turbojet of fans.

C3000 - 6x fans.
C7000 - 10x fans.
D6000 - 4x fans.

The Cx000 servers are dozens of individual computers in one assembly. I’m not clear on how they work and whether they can be daisy chained and the operating system see them as one computer but tons of memory and cores. Clearly it’s a must for these to have more than 4 jet fans to cool all those cores.

The D6000 is just a bunch of hard drives in one assembly. 70x desktop size drives. Typical computer is one or two desktop drives within them.

Before anyone (usually a noob whenever they discover an old thread on here about space issues in LG) asks, no you can’t simply install LG in one of those machines in one of the admin’s basement and have more space for more pics. Those things are super thirsty. Both in electricity and bandwidth. And absolutely NOT cheap to run.

The blades HAVE to be metal as I read the fan spin them at over 50000rpm! You’ll lose your finger if you get it in there. You can stop the slower fan blades easily with your finger. This one probably won’t even slow down as it slice your finger to a nub.

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