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FinallyBulb Inductive Startup/Warmup

FinallyBulb Inductive Startup/Warmup

So the Finally bulbs claim they're "instant on" and instant restrike. As many have noted this doesn't seem to be the case. I tried to capture this here. Granted the warm-up is pretty fast, it is a bit unnerving for a second when the room is lit by them; you flip the switch and only get a slight glow for a second or three. The camera shutter and iris is FIXED, so this is not the camera adjusting to the light; this is the warmup ramp of the lamp. The instant restrike does seem to be accurate. These are miniaturized electrodeless inductive bulbs.

finally-inductive-1.png finally-inductive-startup-op3.gif vu1-2.png vu1-3.png

Light Information

Light Information

Model Reference:FNL A19
Lamp Type:A19
Filament/Radiator Type:Inductive Electrodeless + Phosphor
Base:Edison Screw
Service Life:15000h
Ballast Type:Self Ballasted
Arm Type:N/A
Lumen Output:800
Color Temperature:2700k with strong pink cast
Color Rendering Index:83
Dimensions:4in x 2.5in
Factory Location:India
Assembly Line:55lm/watt
Fabrication Date:2015
Application/Use:Standard A19 usage, omnidirectional

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File information

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Apr 02, 2015 at 09:14 PM Author: dor123
This is like compact fluorescent lamps, but much faster.
And it is still faster that this would be considered as "Instant On", like the manufacturers claims.
But I've always interested to see how run-up of induction lighting looks like. We have many tubular induction lamps with external inductive coils (Generics and Osram Endura/Sylvania Icetron,) here in Israel, and in this picture is a one with an internal coil.

I"m don't speak English well, and rely on online translating to write in this site.
Please forgive me if my choice of my words looks like offensive, while that isn't my intention.

I only working with the European date format (

I lives in Israel, which is a 230-240V, 50hz country.


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michilumin michilumin
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Apr 02, 2015 at 09:18 PM Author: michilumin
Yup, these reach full brightness in about five seconds. There's a bit less delay in the run-up; if you have one of these in a 2-bulb fixture next to a CFL, the inductive (I refuse to call it an 'acandescent' -- its internal coil inductive, as you mentioned)will light up just a split second earlier, but very dim to start.
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^homebuilt fixture

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Apr 05, 2015 at 08:56 AM Author: xmaslightguy
Neat. I've never actually seen one of these..

Colored Fluorescent's such as F40T12 Red or  Green or Blue are awesome...

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