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Here`s an interesting one - A 6 tube Half piper fluorescent light fixture from the 1940`s

6 - F20T12`s

vintage_fluorescent_103.jpg vintage_fluorescent_104.jpg vintage_fluorescent_105.jpg vintage_fluorescent_101.jpg

Light Information

Light Information

Lamp Type:F20T12
Ballast Type:3 tulamp preheat
Wattage:6 - 20 watts fluorescent bulbs
Fabrication Date:unsure but 1940`s estimated

File information

File information

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Date added:Feb 02, 2009
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Exposure Bias:0 EV
Exposure Time:1/90 sec
FNumber:f 4
Focal length:6.1 mm
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Rory Mercury!

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Feb 02, 2009 at 03:03 PM Author: FGS
Might be fun watching the lamps blink to life. Nice find.

Why I like LEDs on top of other lighting tech?
LEDs = Upgrade 95% of the applications. (That is if you avoid eBay's LEDs).

LED brainwash? No, people uses them cuz they work well for them.

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Feb 02, 2009 at 03:19 PM Author: vintagefluorescent
Thanks FGS I`ve had this one for 6 years & have never fired it up yet.

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Feb 02, 2009 at 03:32 PM Author:
Wowers!! I love this one! I think it might be time to fire it up, and then post a picture of it lit!!!
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Verd a ray classic.

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Feb 02, 2009 at 04:49 PM Author: Silverliner
Never saw a 6 lamper, but I've heard 8 lamp half pipers were made. Very nice, and I see GE F20T12s from vastly different eras (and the end caps didn't change).

May all the great lighting technologies have their place in history.

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jonathon.graves johng917 GeorgiaJohn
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Feb 09, 2010 at 06:41 PM Author: DieselNut
I love it! Would love to find its 40 watt cousin!

Preheat Fluorescents forever!
I love diesel engines, rural/farm life and vintage lighting!


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Feb 20, 2015 at 07:25 PM Author: ricksbulbs
I have 2 of the exact same DESIGN of this fixture in my basement in use, but 3 lamp versions. I have no idea who made them, and to GET them was NOT fun---we tore down a long-abandoned house in Cohoes, NY back in 2001, and these were in the rather long back kitchen, an addition to the house in the early 1900's, and it had a full wainscoting wood ceiling that had fallen down from many years of roof leakage, and the ceiling was about 18 inches or less from the floor, with these old lights, pretty rusty, still attached, lamps in them and all. I had to crawl under the fallen ceiling through nasty wet junk on the floor to get them without damage, and it was NOT pleasant! fortunately, the fixture wires were just twisted and taped to the knob and tube in the rafters (still up there) and harmlessly pulled apart at the poorly made unsoldered splices, harmlessly. No damage to internal wiring at all. I was a MESS when I got out from under that fallen ceiling--covered in dirt and crap and sweating like a pig, but saved them. They sat in my storage trailer from then till 2008, when I fetched them, gave them a fresh coat of paint, and installed them--these are made to mount directly on the ceiling, no down tubes, so I punched holes for the 4" octagon boxes in the basement and installed them direct to the boxes, and they work great! One of the 2-multiple GE ballasts buzzes a little , but the ballast are leak-free and work fine, simple chokes. Each unit has 2 GE ballasts--1 single lamp potted, and 1 2 multiple potted. The plain, integral end plates are simple. Basically "strip" style half pipers, no fancy end plates. My 4 lamp mini half piper I made from scratch is this style, I fabbed the housing myself. I have 2 different style end plates from 2 lamp 2 foot half pipe style unuts, which I want to take molds of are reproduce maybe in epoxy or something for this miniature fixture. For now it looks great as-is! The 6 lamper must be really hard to find! I have seen 8 lamp HP's as well, mostly 4 foot, but some 2 foot as well! I got those 2-3 lamp units before I was in a wheelchair.
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