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EYE Sunlux Ace HPS retrofit lamp

EYE Sunlux Ace HPS retrofit lamp

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This is an early-style HPS retrofit lamp by EYE. Rather than the traditional Penning (neon-argon) fill, it uses the xenon fill of standard HPS lamps. The new EYE lamps use Iwasaki's patented ferroelectric (FEC) ignitor, but this version uses a series of incandescent filaments and bi-metal switch instead. They heat the arc tube end to facilitate ignition - it starts much like a preheat fluorescent. Here is a short video of the start up and restrike on my 250w metal halide ballast. Total measured power consumption is 222w versus 267 using a 250w metal halide lamp, so it is a slight savings, and produces higher lumens.

PLC13-SPX35+.JPG Philips_70wHPSM+.JPG Eye_Sunlux_220+.JPG Regency_F40T12+.JPG

Light Information

Light Information

Manufacturer:EYE Lighting (Iwasaki)
Model Reference:NH220LX Sunlux Ace
Lamp Type:High Pressure Sodium for mercury retrofit
Filament/Radiator Type:Coiled-coil for lamp starting
Base:E39 mogul
Service Life:16,000 hrs
Ballast Type:H37 or M58
Lumen Output:25,000
Color Temperature:2100K
Color Rendering Index:25
Factory Location:Japan
Application/Use:Retrofit for mercury or QMH lamps

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File information

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Jun 06, 2010 at 10:23 AM Author: Medved
The interruption of the bimetal switch create there high voltage kick, what then ignite the lamp.

No more selfballasted c***

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Apr 22, 2013 at 01:33 PM Author: dor123
If this lamp uses a thermal starter to start the lamp, then why in the video, the hot restrike looks like it is looks? Is the lamp hot restrikes directly from the mains without the bi-metal?

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Apr 22, 2013 at 01:55 PM Author: Ash
Because a small discharge happened to strike in it as soon as the power returned, so it started from this discharge without waiting for the bimetal switch

This can sometimes happen with a SON 70w with internal ignitor too
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