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Five Little Rippers!

Five Little Rippers!

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I picked up just over a lamp a day into the collection in 2012. 371 lamps in 365 days!
These five were obtained in the last two odd weeks of the year and they are all "litte rippers/pearlers" for some reason or another!
The big H.I.D. at the top is a G.E.C. HPS (SON-T) 1000w 380v dating from about 1982, I got it from my cousin and it goes with my HPS/U 1000 I got 31 years ago.
The daylight blue is the oldest and most beautiful from a haul of G.L.S. which came into the collection recently. It is a Dutch Philips, c 1965, but has a Round Emblem with a 2HE filament. It is slightly tinged with nickel or iron and appears ever so slightly green, it is in mint condition and in the original packet and looks just beautiful with its shiny brass base.
The other H.I.D. is a Philips CPO-TG 65, now some of you might say, Shouldn't it be a CPO-TW 60?" Well no, it isn't is was the commercially unsuccessful High Pressure Sodium Cosmo which the efficacy and CRI of the CPO-TW left in the dust. That makes it a rare example and I have Lampwizard, (Sjef) to thank for this one.
The two tippys are my final two lamps for 2012 and I got them at the New Year Party from a friend who got them in an Antique Shop way back in May and held onto them for me.
The orange one is a hand lacquered c1920 European/British 20w 220v Squirrel Cage with no markings. It works and had been re-touched twice.
The one remaining lamp is the piece-de-resistance for 2012, I nearly fell over when I saw it. It's an Austrian Westinghouse SINTERED TUNGSTEN lamp made on the 30th of June 1908! It is E.O.L./Inertially damaged, but still an impressive lamp. The filament, in five "V" shaped sections has been welded to six identical nickel wires at the bottom, all embedded in the press and two connected to the platinum seals. At the top end of the button rod five composite supports held the filament, the inner part is possibly thin molybdenum wire, then joined to a tiny elongated glass bead and the loop is oxide ceramic, like in an Osmium Filament Lamp.
The huge collared B22 cap is held to the bulb with white plaster like cement and the brass contact lutes are individually spring loaded to a white ceramic disc where there is usually black viterite. I will post more pictures of this lamp soon.
This was a GREAT finish to 2012!

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Jan 01, 2013 at 09:55 AM Author: monkeyface
Nice lamps! I see the very nice Daylight blue lamp which I'm looking for. Sadly they are not available anymore at Philips of Osram. May I have luck with Righi Licht AG.
Whats the size of the HPS lamp? Is it same as a HQI 2000W?
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Jan 01, 2013 at 10:44 AM Author: rjluna2
Happy New Year, Andrew

Pretty, please no more Chinese failure.

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Jan 01, 2013 at 02:36 PM Author: LegacyLighting
Andrew, that's a great collection there - well done sir! Daylight blue is a ripper as Monkeyface noted above. Also per Robert -HAPPY NEW YEAR!
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Rare white reflector

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Jan 01, 2013 at 03:56 PM Author: Silverliner
wow, very nice lot!

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Jan 01, 2013 at 10:04 PM Author: Globe Collector
The SON-T is 1Kw Micheal, my cousin had it for 25 years before he "coughed" it over to me! He also gave me a 125w 8' T12 Fluoro made by Crompton, probably at their Guiseley Plant in Yorkshire (which is now "Granny Units"). Kev would love it! I will post a shot if one end of the tube soon for all you out there who are more expert on tubes than me!
He stuffed the tube into his "Troupie" Land Cruser and bought it the 250Km from Burnie to Hobart with his four year old son in the vehicle too. It is a miracle the tube made it in one piece.
These really long tubes are rare rare rare in Australia, although I know that they are much more common in the U.K.
And HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU, Micheal, Robert, Blake and Dave. (I see the New Year got to California, Dave, ....Eventually!) My you all have a Bumper year of collecting and preserving rare lamps!!!!
I will eventually list and post the lamps above individually, but I'm having camera problems at the moment. (The manual focus camera I use for close-up stuff inttermitantly shuts down, Urgh. And the other camera is an INFURIATING Auto Focus thing which focuses on anything BUT the thing you wish to photograph!) That is why I think I "disobeyed" site rules and tossed five lamps into one picture!

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