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If this has two ballasts, it would be better than a single circline. You could turn one off ,use different colours (if the idea of these lasted long enough to make different types), or if one was EOL, the other would still work. I am not sure about the availability of these tubes, even at that time.
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This was an early attempt to make a round fluorescent fixture where the lamps are semicircle lamps rather than fully round fluorescent lamps like circline fluorescent tubes. These lamps were only produced for a very short time.
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I like how they used two circlarc tubes instead of a circline tube ( :circarcfl:+ :circarcfl:= :circ:). I am still curious why they decided to do so.
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Not too many of these fixtures and lamps around:

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Started by suzukir122 - Last post by suzukir122
@Patrick, I thought about that as well... especially after seeing my wound. Rabies... this is something that I will keep in mind since the effects can be very long lasting, based on what I've read.
Although I do have an idea of which home she might be in, I'm not entirely sure since I'm not familiar with that neighborhood. Even if I could confirm which house she lives in, I don't want to risk seeing that dog again.
I will say that... her voice... when she said "I'm really sorry," was a bit concerning. If her dog truly has rabies, there's a chance that she might've been far too afraid of what my reaction may have been, had she voiced that information to me.
That's one thing I will never understand... if a home owner knows their dog has the tendency to get violent, it should be mandatory that they leash it, in an effort to protect the public from it, while protecting it from the public.
I'll monitor how I'm feeling for the next few months... plenty of exercising as well, etc. Hopefully all is good.
 6   General / Off-Topic / Re: Got Bit By a Dog  on: March 01, 2024, 10:02:44 PM 
Started by suzukir122 - Last post by Patrick
I'm not sure I'd have been as nonchalant under the circumstances.  I don't ever want to hurt somebody's pet either, but if it's attacking me, I'll make no guarantees.  Also if I did get bit I don't think it'd be to much to insist the owner produce a copy of that dog's rabies vaccination certificate, and perhaps provide some antiseptic while she's at it.  She surely wouldn't want me calling animal control.

This past year I've had a couple encounters with dogs.  Once when walking by a neighbor's house, I noticed he was over by his car with his pit bull.  Perhaps he only planned to be out for a minute, and the dog was not leashed.  Sure enough, the dog began heading down the driveway and across the street towards me.  As it happened the dog was friendly, and merely circled around me a couple times before returning to his owner when called.  But it made me uncomfortable nevertheless.

Also on a couple occasions a dog has pursued me as I rode past on my bicycle.  Once at dusk a moderately large dog charged at me full speed, and he did not seem happy to see me.  In the dwindling light I was not able to clearly see a leash, but lucky for me he was tied up and it yanked him back just before he reached the street.

Fortunately I've only been bitten twice from what I can recall.  Both times were when I was a kid and tried to pet dogs that must not have wanted to be touched.  They were both merely warning bites that didn't break the skin.
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So my Mazda has a coolant leak, my Genesis has a problem with a suspension mount, and my Daytona had no insurance and needed new tags, at the time... Wednesday evening. It was time for me to get ready for work... but with three vehicles down, I decided to walk. Driving to work normally takes me around 10 minutes, but walking to work takes a little over an hour. As I was passing by a small neighborhood with a very narrow street, an unleashed dog started barking and then running towards me. I had my headphones on, listening to music... while I had my hands tucked in the pockets of my hoodie. I looked ahead calmly while avoiding any sort of eye contact with that dog. The dog was fairly decent size, close to that of a pit bull. A cute little lady, possibly in her mid 20's, walked out of her home... this was across the street from where the dog emerged. She then began walking towards my direction. That's when the dog looked at her, then looked at me and began barking at me even more before charging towards me. I continued walking as if nothing was happening. "Come here puppy," the lady yelled. The dog was directly in front of me at this point. It then JUMPED... at my face. I flinched. Continued walking. The lady walked around, then directly behind me. Dog walked behind me as well. I took two more steps... dog bites my left leg. Lady walked to my right at that point. I looked at her and said "biting." She says nothing. I then remembered mumbling "leash your ##### derg." There was silence after that. Silence lasted a long time. I looked at her and asked, "Is this dog yours?" She then says, "Yeah. I'm really sorry." I could feel the blood beginning to fill in my new wound as I continued walking, and that's when I thought to myself: "Okay pretty little lady, dog bites again, I'll defend myself." By this time, luckily, the dog and the lady walked to their home, away from me. My leg was stinging from the bite, and I inspected the wound as soon as I made it to work. Much more blood than I expected. That dog got me good.
This was the first time I've ever experienced a dog that had the courage to actually attack me, so I thought it was a bit amusing. Normally the dogs I encounter become afraid and run away from me... not this one.
Although I don't fear getting bitten, I do fear defending myself. I don't hurt animals, nor do I ever want to, but it kinda sucks that I have to think about
this type of thing while walking. My motorcycle is back legal to ride on the roads, and I'm hoping to get my Mazda fixed tomorrow, so hopefully I don't have to be in that kind of ordeal... ever again.
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Started by suzukir122 - Last post by suzukir122
Muscle cars count in this thread as well, so if you own a muscle car, please chime in.
@Highway125, those vintage Mustangs are beasts. A buddy of mine owns the Foxbody Mustang, 1980's, I believe. He hasn't talked about
it in a while now though, but since I work with him, I'll ask about it next time I see him at work. His contains a NOS kit.

Unfortunately my Genesis is down due to a suspension problem. Once I save up enough money, I'll work on either fixing it myself or taking
it to a shop. After that, I plan on making YouTube videos showing it, which I honestly should've done like... 3 years ago...  :-\
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 UPDATE:  A Sylvania clearbander Metal Halide DOES INDEED EXIST ! : https://www.lighting-gallery.net/gallery/displayimage.php?album=5215&pos=2&pid=235799
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The problems i mainly had with 120V F20 preheat choke ballasts included not having the lamp striking at all with FS2 starters and having buzzing and failing ignitors when attempting to ignite the lamps using ignitors designed for low voltage high pressure sodium lamps.

However, when I tried using 277V F20 preheat choke ballasts in conjunction with FS4 starters and a 120V to 277V step up transformer, my 18W SOX lamps managed to maintain a stable arc and operate as intended. However, some FS4 fluorescent starters would not work while others struck the lamps without any issues except for a very long blinkfest with some starters.
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