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LightingGallery Rules « on: April 24, 2021, 04:51:01 PM » Author: Patrick Site Rules

1. Members are expected to be respectful of other members. Please refrain from using profanity.

2. Members are also expected to be respectful of other geographical areas, no single area is better than another. This site has members and guests from all backgrounds and walks of life; please be respectful of this when posting.

3. Flame wars, Cyber bullying and stalking will not be tolerated and members engaging in this activity will be warned in the first instance, and if they persist this may result in a suspension or ban.

4. There is to be no political discussion on this site, with the specific exception of topics directly related to lighting matters. However this must remain strictly non-argumentative and must not degenerate into arguments or flame wars. Such instances will be deleted and the participants warned.

5. If you have a dispute with another member that breaches site rules, report it to the administrative team to be dealt with.

6. DO NOT use the report function to solve petty grievances. Acceptable uses are:-
  • Being bullied.
  • Posting of inappropriate or obscene comments or topics.
  • Spamming. (flooding the boards with multiple copies of the same post)
  • Harassment of you or others.
  • Threatening posts, of you or others.
  • Blatant misuse or abuse of the site features.
  • Any other action that breaches site rules.
7. Do not report members for the following.
  • General disagreements, try and resolve these yourselves.
  • Topics that you don’t like, unless they breach site rules.
  • Pictures you don’t like.
  • Any other action that doesn’t break site rules.
8. Do not discuss members who have been possibly suspended or banned – this information is confidential.

9. It is not permitted to share your account details or login with another person, if there is a rules violation that warrants a suspension, we may choose not to allow re-registration at the end of the suspension period for any of the parties concerned. In addition, it is not permitted for one member to register more than a single account. If there are other people in your household who wish to join the site, then they may do so, but a single member may not have two or more accounts. If we find that a member has done this, we will remove the additional account(s) and the member concerned may be subject to suspension or possibly a permanent ban.

10. All lighting technologies are to be respected, and we welcome them all.

11. It is preferable to keep the use of [img] tags in forum posts to a minimum, use the attach files option, or link to a gallery picture or off site file instead.

12. Under no circumstances shall members post derogatory or inflammatory comments on a fellow member’s pictures, or forum posts, and they should be careful about using words such as obsolete and inefficient or any other words that are felt to be negative in nature, Should such words appear in the commentary, then the comment may be removed by an administrator, and replaced by the wording, ‘This comment has been removed because it breached site rules’. Picture Rules

13. Upload unique pictures if possible, we do not want the gallery flooded with images of the same type of fixture or lamp, if you have multiple images pick your best one and upload that. If you want to show them all use a collage. There are plenty of programs available to help you do this.

14. The administrators of this site reserve the right to make various stylistic and/or formatting edits, for example we may amend the title and description if the title is deemed to be overly long, however no information will be changed, just moved to the description. We will ask you to change this yourself, but if no action is taken within a reasonable time, we will make the changes ourselves.

15. The administrators of this site reserve the right to remove duplicate or redundant images. This only applies to your own pictures and every effort will be made to work with you before the team takes action.

16. Pictures in the main gallery should be genuine photographs of lighting or lighting related items. Anything else, such as artwork, should go into the Off Topic section.

17. Try and upload as clear an image as possible, quality over quantity wins every time. Avoid shots that are too cluttered or are poorly lit if possible.

18. Please avoid taking pictures out of a moving car window, unless there is no other way of taking it.

19. The central focus of the image should dominate it, we do not want to see a tiny speck in the distance.

20. The preferred angle for taking a shot of a fixture is the ¾ angle as that shows the side and bottom simultaneously, other angles are acceptable, but should be reserved for specific reasons.

21. Night shots are most certainly welcome, but bear in mind that most 400W MV lamps, for example, look the same under these circumstances, so again pick your best one and go with that.

22. When uploading the warm up sequence of a lamp, consideration should be given to how many individual pictures are needed.

23. A maximum of four additional images can be attached to an upload, otherwise make additional uploads.

24. Please keep the length of the picture title to a minimum. A brief description is all that is needed. Any further information can be included in the description of the picture.

25. Third Party pictures are permitted under the following conditions.
  • Full attribution should be given to the original owner of the picture if possible. Every effort should be made to ascertain this information.
  • Where applicable cite the copyright, and that you have the relevant permissions to post the image.
  • Should we find that images and/or descriptive text have been taken from another member or an external site without permission, these will be removed and the individual concerned warned.
    Please be aware that serious breaches of this rule may result in a suspension or ban.
26. Street View images should only be posted when you have seen the fixture yourself, and you intend to replace the image with one of your own as soon as you can. You should not be trawling through Street View looking for pictures of fixtures to post on the gallery. Members from that area should have the opportunity to post a picture of the fixture for themselves. A thread has been created on the forum where you can post links to finds on Street View.
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