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After knowing that some North American 32w circline floor lamps and preheat CFL adapters use toroidal preheat ballasts, I am beginning to wonder if there were any HID fixtures that used toroidal ballasts.
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Now, I'm not sure if this was posted before.

I think there should be a dark mode option for the site one day. because it would put less strain on the eyes or something?

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Started by 108CAM - Last post by joseph_125
Well said!

Another thing to keep in mind is length of time spent collecting. When I first started out, I didn't have much either, no cobraheads, signals. Just a few small fluorescent fixtures and some random light bulbs from around the house. For the first few years most of the stuff I had was stuff I found in hardware stores and later Restore. To be honest, I didn't really buy much on eBay until the past 3 years or so. Previously all my finds were stuff I found in person, which is enjoyable in it's own right as you get the thrill of spotting a rare lamp/fixture sitting on the shelf. Finding something on eBay is no where near as exciting. The other thing is, stuff seems to just show up. I've been searching for a louvered fluorescent fixture for years and haven't had much luck and then one day when I least expect it, I see one getting thrown out so I grabbed it.

To be honest, barring any rare "bucket list" finds, I've been putting limits on what I buy and pass up on stuff. I simply don't have the room, time, or money to buy up everything I see that's remotely interesting. At the moment, barring any exceptional finds, I don't think I plan to acquire any more cobraheads or signals for the time being. Maybe in the future when I can properly figure out a way to store them I'll start looking again.

To be honest, it's better off having a smaller collection than to have a ton of lights and then figure out how to sell them afterwards if you need to slim down. 
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I feel the same, Although, i'm starting to not express it through rage.
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Started by 108CAM - Last post by Econolite03
Hi, I'll chime in.

You don't need every bulb in the universe to have a great collection. Some collectors are cool with a bunch of stuff, but in reality some are just fine with little. That's how I started... with a few bulbs I took out of my parent's lamps, and I do sometimes look back wishing I stuck to just that. Appreciating what you already have goes a long way, and (this is from my own experience,) you can't buy your way into happiness with this hobby. I had to place a moratorium on my signal hobby a year ago and soon my lighting hobby because of space, funding, and personal reasons.

In contrast, I actually enjoy the thrill of going to second-hand stores (such as our ReStores) about having something small randomly show up... for cheap! I found a few Sylvania incandescent bulbs and a GE Watt-Miser for free that way. Yeah those bulbs are used and don't get that much appreciation on sites like this, but from my perspective I see a lot of value in it. The fact something appears out of nowhere kinda means it's meant to be with you. Don't get intimidated by the lighting forums. Every collection is different, that's what makes places like Lighting_Gallery unique to many.

I don't know if this helped, but I hope it makes sense.
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Didn't know you had one of these too!
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Thanks for the replies. Reading them makes me feel better knowing that I'm not alone when I feel like that.
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I really need to mention my Philips 400w MV lamp that somehow survived an approximately 5 metre fall from the upstairs balcony to the tiles around our in ground pool. The lamp hit the tiles base first and the support structure had dislodged from the dimple at the top. More recently, I was trying to see if I could get the arc tube supports back onto the dimple but the shaking had broken part of the arc tube support which rendered the lamp unusable. I have since removed the E40 cap and now have a nice example of what an ED37 envelope looks like without anything on the bottom.
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Leotek Green Cobra GC1. Excellent working condition. Works great.
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Started by ace100w120v - Last post by rjluna2
PM sent on both sites.
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