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Started by HIDLad001 - Last post by Medved
I don't understand what benefit would have an "analog" meter for electrical servicing.
Generally analog meters are everything but durable or overload tolerant, more the contrary to that.

Generally you need AC V-meter (that is available in analog),
resistance meter (that part seems to be available),
audible (so you may keep your eyes focused where the probes are connected) continuity tester (generally not available in analog)
AC current measurement (usually available), but better in a clamp meter format (first you don't have to open the wires to measure so not big safety problem to measure e.g. the pulse start HID arc current to determine the ballast health, second you may measure total current through multiple wires like fluorescent arc current on RS ballast to check the ballast health, and 3rd there risk of connecting the A-meter input to the mains is eliminated).

Useful could be capacitor tester, but there you usually end up with some method for measuring the capacitance, but usually you have no idea about what that method is (so how it is affected by parasitics or other defects). And checking the leakage or ESR (important mainly with electrolytic motor start types - they may be shot and not start anything but still exhibit seemingly correct capacitance on a simple C-meter) is possible only on special testers anyway.
Because the capacitance you may easily check by connecting to mains and measuring the current (C = I / (2*pi*freq) / V), the capacitance range I see as not that important (e.g. less than the clamp A-meter feature).

And everything designed so it would not get damaged even if accidentally connected to mains (definitely not available in analog and in the resistance/continuity ranges even most cheap digital meters do not withstand the mains connection, however still usually remain safe for the operator), the clamp style A-meter format solves it for the current measurements.
Ignore those "big mouths", who argue like "Protected meter is nonsense, I've used analog meter for 40 years and never connected it wrong". First they are either plain lying (they did blew up quite long row of instruments over that time), or took it in their hands just twice over that time. Believe me, you will connect an Ohm- or A-meter into the mains. It is not matter of "if", but "when" and believe mi, it will happen quite often. And the last one thing you need is for the meter to explode in your hand or lap (that is the matter of build quality and safety, not that much if it is analog or digital). And the second last thing is the meter being ruined in the middle of your work.

So really better go for some simpler AC-only clamp meter, even the cheap ones, are order of magnitude safer (mainly against user error, mainly connecting wrong range to wrong circuit), observe for proper CAT rating (I would not go below cat-III for the voltages you are dealing with). If you may chose, better go for a bit higher CAT rating and buy a pack of spare high quality fuses for it, you will definitely need to replace one at the most inconvenient place...

Unless you plan to work on DC installations (solar, car,...), you won't need the DC clamp meter, which is first way more expensive and second quite finicky to use (very sensitive to external magnetic fields), better to spend that money on better protected device.
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Started by davidnonledfan - Last post by HomeBrewLamps
If you live near Michigan and can some how get over to where I live then I can hook you up.

But NO WAY am I shipping one of those behemoths... You'd understand if you seen them. They're steroid lights.
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Started by HPSM250R2 - Last post by HomeBrewLamps
I understand the frustration. If it comes down to it and you have the time/willingness to do it. You could start stripping some of the fixtures down to component level and apart selling the bits individually. That may increase interest. Especially since the price for shipping a ballast or a light socket is far better.
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Started by nogden - Last post by HomeBrewLamps
I'd come pick it up because I have this exact street light with no lens... but I refuse to drive the truck that far (gas prices). and I don't know if the moped would be happy with me running it 4 hours up there and back lmaooo. I'm almost tempted to try.. longest journey I've done on it was about 180 miles round trip (i've done this journey tons of times). This trip would be about 420 round trip (haha 420).
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Started by davidnonledfan - Last post by funkybulb
Best thing to do at this point is getting a ballast.  But lamp sockets and starter blocks are really hard to find now.?   But you can push on connector to lamp pins to run them lamps.   

 Best thing is lot of Patient and searching.  There still lamps to be found tucked in corner of old industrail buildings and basment

 I got my T17 lamps in person in midland texas though Ebay sales
And all day drive and 1 hour to browse around ebay seller stuff
  Then i went calfornia found some T17 lamps in restore . 

  GE was last manufacture to make T17 lamps
They dried up so quickly that they gave no T17
User no warning to stock up on lamps.  It ended
Production in 2012. The PG T17 tubes got replace with
VHO T12s

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Started by WorldwideHIDCollectorUSA - Last post by ultralume
I like Warm White and 3500K White.
 7   Lamps / Modern / Re: Home Depot with Mercury Vapor parking lot lighting?  on: June 26, 2022, 11:35:05 PM 
Started by davidnonledfan - Last post by joseph_125
I don't think I've ever seen a Home Depot with MV parking lot lights.

There's one here that has these nifty looking 1980s HPS drop lens shoeboxes though:

There's also another interesting one built into a mall:
It's the only Home Depot I know with a drop ceiling and troffers instead of the usual lighting and high ceiling.

This one used 1000w MH GE HMAA highmasts, unfortunately has been LEDized now:

Most here use these round white HPS shoeboxes:
 8   Lamps / Modern / Re: Home Depot with Mercury Vapor parking lot lighting?  on: June 26, 2022, 11:25:23 PM 
Started by davidnonledfan - Last post by davidnonledfan
Home Depot first started in 1978 so it was around the time when I believe HPS was coming around. and i agree, the orange theme suits HD and it could maybe be intentional they are keeping these lamps to match the theme.
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Started by LightsoftheWest - Last post by Lumex120
A little bit, but I have other interests that I've been ridiculed for far worse. I don't really tell anyone about them because of this.
 10   Lamps / Modern / Re: Philips Discontinuing Warm-Glow Dimming LEDs?  on: June 26, 2022, 07:01:08 PM 
Started by LightUpMyLife - Last post by joseph_125
Clap on, Clap off

They still sell the clapper too, although I wonder if they're LED compatible... :wndr:
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