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Started by ElectroLite - Last post by Rommie
Wow, unfortunately we're not in the position of being able to help, although that 35W SOX NEMA looks nice. Shipping would be the killer to here as well  :-\

Hopefully you'll manage to sell/trade them, although it's a pity you have to  :sadbulb:
 2   Lamps / Modern / Re: Colored CFL Lamps  on: Today at 07:31:05 AM 
Started by Econolite03 - Last post by mdcastle
I'm more into traffic signals, but my light bulb collecting tends to run towards quirky modern stuff, among the things I have are a complete set of the dichro-color floods, a lot of weird early LED retrofits, A NOS GE Halarc, and some low pressure sodium stuff. I do have a complete set of the FEIT colored CFL (although not every packaging variation), think there's a photo on my gallery someplace.
 3   Lamps / Modern / Re: Colored CFL Lamps  on: Today at 07:29:17 AM 
Started by Econolite03 - Last post by Rommie
Yeah, I like them, but for some reason the ones we generally get over here all seem to have white bases, irrespective of the colour of the tube. I prefer the ones you get over there where the base colour matches the lamp colour  :redcflhd: ;pinkcflhd: :yellowcflhd: :greencflhd: :bluecflhd: :blbcflhd:

Oh yes, if anyone has a pink one they're prepared to sell or trade, please let me know, can't find one here  ;pinkcflhd:

By the way, please stop using words like 'early' and 'morning', particularly together one after the other, it's very scary  :poof:  :mrg:
 4   Lamps / Modern / Colored CFL Lamps  on: Today at 04:38:36 AM 
Started by Econolite03 - Last post by Econolite03
Good super early morning L-G,

I have a topic that (spoiler alert) kinda predicts my next thing. Colored compact fluorescent lamps. You know, those “party” bulbs you used to see everywhere in the late 2000s and into the following decade. Now that CFLs are pretty much a thing of the past, I believe they’ve now become collectors’ items. I’ve taken a liking to them.

Is anyone here into colored CFL bulbs or remember when they were popular once upon a time? If so, please share! BLB tubes included.
 5   General / Off-Topic / Re: Need advice on how to deal with mean members of this hobby  on: Today at 12:27:28 AM 
Started by LightDragon - Last post by Lumex120
As others have said, leave the FB group. I know exactly which one it is and I really am not a fan of how so many members are moving to places like that and leaving this site. They just become toxic ****holes before too long where every little thing has to be blown up into some huge drama.
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Started by Olav - Last post by Michael
Good to see any still installed. As they get re-lamped with LEDs they will remain for longer time.
 7   Lamps / Modern / Re: Why are circline fluorescent lamps so popular in Japan?  on: October 06, 2022, 08:56:41 PM 
Started by WorldwideHIDCollectorUSA - Last post by WorldwideHIDCollectorUSA
From what I am aware of, modern Japanese 30w 12 inch diameter circline lamps intended to replace 32w lamps still require a different starter compared to the 9 inch 28w circline lamps designed to replace 30w lamps of that same diameter.
 8   Lanterns/Fixtures / Modern / Re: New LED Conversions  on: October 06, 2022, 08:41:34 PM 
Started by CreeRSW207 - Last post by CreeRSW207
Tilton NH has fallen, Networked Affinity lights. Only few missouts and one is already fried! Yes, a new style Affinity fixture is fried, what sucks is it replaced a recently relamped M400A.
 9   Advertisements / For Sale or Trade / Downsizing - Canadian LPS and MV Fixtures up for Trades!  on: October 06, 2022, 08:38:31 PM 
Started by ElectroLite - Last post by ElectroLite
Hey everyone,

I'm at the unfortunate point where I have to narrow down my collection as I'm running out of space and want to get rid of things I know I won't use. I also might be on the move over the next few years for work, so the things I have in storage need to be worth it for me.

Below is a list of things that will eventually need to go. Lamp included with ALL fixtures below, and all are pre-wired up for plug & play operation. Pictures are available by clicking on the highlighted link, more can be provided upon request. (Need to go through them all yet!) Located in Canada, and all fixtures are already packaged up and able to be sent immediately.

Low Pressure Sodium Fixtures:

Thorn Alpha 4 | 135w SOX - Electronic Ballast
Philips Goldfinger II | 55w SOX
Philips Goldfinger II | 55w SOX - Remade back reflector plate, original was missing
1990s Philips MA90 Remote Gear | 90w SOX - Remote magnetic ballast box included
1980s Philips MA90 Remote Gear | 90w SOX - Remote magnetic ballast box included, 2 small bullet holes in bowl
Philips SOX-NEMA | 35w SOX
Philips / Norelco SOX-Pak | 35w SOX
Philips BSX 66 Ballast Kits | 66w SOX-E 240v w/ SX70 Ignitor - 3 available

Mercury Vapor Fixtures:

1970s American Electric Closed Bottom Glass NEMA | 250w MV
Powerlite B2227 | 175w MV
Sylvania Bracket Fixture S5-400B | 400w MV
Line Materials Night Sentry / Dusk to Dawner | 175w MV
Westinghouse OV-12 | 250w MV 240v
Powerlite Private-Eye | 250w MV
Sylvania R37 | Stock 175w MV
Westinghouse Canada Viscount | 175w MV - Small crack/punctures in one refractor section

High Pressure Sodium Fixtures:

Sylvania R47 | 100w HPS
Crouse Hinds Canada OV-15 | 100w HPS

I would be most interested in TRADES for NEW 55w and 90w SOX lamps, or other SOX fixtures (preferably Canadian, but I'm also looking for British MA50/MA90 fixtures and bowls).
(Also putting this out there: I would trade SEVERAL things on this list for a T&B 180w SRP if anyone has one and wants to part with it! Would also be fine with a spare long SRP/SRM bowl.)

Other trades for mercury lamps / fixtures might also be considered, so please let me know what you have! (I am primarily focusing on LPS stuff right now though, and the LPS fixtures above will ONLY be traded for OTHER LPS things.)

Otherwise for anyone wanting to purchase anything listed, all of this stuff will end up on eBay eventually once I figure out pricing, write up the listings, and after I get any potential trades out of the way. I would much rather trade these lights with a fellow collector rather than sell them to the common eBay folk and get hammered with eBay fees.

Thanks for looking everyone and please PM me if you are interested in anything! :)
 10   General / General Discussion / Re: Under Consideration  on: October 06, 2022, 08:22:56 PM 
Started by Econolite03 - Last post by Econolite03
Thanks for the replies everyone.

The photos will remain posted.
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