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Thanks.!  :-*
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What a nice cover page, Sammi :)
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Way back in the late 1990's, early 2000's, magnetic fluorescent (T12) ballasts were the norm. In my area, the university and one drug store converted to electronic HF ballasts using F32T8 lamps. The university used a master/slave topology and sometimes the slave fixture was 4-6' away from the master fixture. The drug store, I believe, used 8', 4xF32T8 double width fixtures with a 4 lamp ballast. Anyways, in the car, I used to listen to a classical music radio station that was hundreds of kilometres away, across a wide body of water. Reception was OK, but not always great. The interesting part is when I would drive by the drug store, or if I were anywhere on campus, the station would cut out almost completely.

I haven't tested this lately, but most magnetic ballasts are gone, and the programming of the radio station changed and I rarely listen to it, especially in the car but I found it interesting.
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I've noticed that when i bring my 8 watt electronic striplight close to my ms104 the bulb that I use (one broken electrode) loses arc and can't startup until the fixture is moved away or turned off... I also noticed with my lampi 8 watt preheater would turn my ms104 off sometimes when I turned it off! Does this happen with larger ballasts?
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There's a tiny tiny chance I maybe mayyybe go back once and get a picture but probably not, also the reflectors were dirty but not green...
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I spotted this photo with what appears to be a few older UK low pressure sodium lights that were used to spot replace the original incandescent gumballs. The photo according to the uploader was taken at the start of the QEW in Toronto just west of the Humber River in 1957. I'm not sure on the model though.
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Never seen this phenomenon.
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I believe it's more intended for a US audience but most of it applies to Canadian systems. The most glaring differences being that the national code here is the Canadian Electric Code or CEC and the part about not having to ground plastic device boxes, every Canadian plastic box I've seen does need to be grounded and have metal ground screws for you to connect the ground wire to.

There are some terms that I felt like they omitted though, I think they should also explain what a arc fault is and also current, power, and resistance too and how they relate to voltage. Of course to explain that you probably should briefly explain what power factor is although I think that is way outside the scope for the intended audience of this article.
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Here is a switchable magnetic grow light ballast designed for 1000w S52 high pressure sodium lamps and 1000w M47 probe start metal halide lamps:


On this ballast, it is safe to run 1000w H36 mercury vapor lamps, but not 1000w H34 mercury vapor lamps.

The 1000w switchable ballasts are more common than the 400w switchable ballasts.

When you use mercury vapor lamps on these ballasts, it is important to have the switch set to the "metal halide" setting since that setting has the ballast's ignitor disconnected. You can run the 1000w M141 pulse start metal halide lamps on the "high pressure sodium" setting since those lamps need an ignitor to fire them up. Lastly, the Philips CDM 860w AllStart ceramic metal halide lamps can be used on any setting.
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