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Title: What fixtures used for private area lighting in your area?
Post by: Cole D. on January 10, 2019, 10:03:17 PM
Here we have two utilities, Duke Energy and the co-op in my neighborhood.

Now Duke Energy in the past use GE M250R2 and Cooper OVS for PALs. More recently they use AEL 115 FCO fixtures and AEL ATB0 80 LED. They also sometimes have floodlight rentals but most of them are newer bronze colored fixtures with PSMH lamps. Not sure the brand.

In my co-op there been a few types used also. I think the earliest fixtures for PALs were GE Powr/Bracket of 400W MV with the large 16" refractors. These are and have been very rare, I only know of a few in existence. I would guess they were installed in the very early 80s if not 70s. I'm pretty sure after that they used American Electric 165 ballast in arm fixtures of HPS. This was around the late 1980s/early to mid 1990s probably. These used to be very common but are starting to get quite rare too, in working condition. Then, I'm not sure when they went to NEMA heads, but probably some time in the 1990s. These are mostly HPS versions and seem to be Cooper RMA series usually. I only know of one MV one that is still in use, and I'm not sure where it age is because I never saw many MV NEMAs used. Not sure if it is actually older than the AE 165 HPS lights or they just had a random batch of MV NEMAs instead of HPS at some time.

Sometime in the 2010s they started to use LED fixtures. At first it appears it was a chunky cobra style fixture on very long arms. I've only seen two of this type, so I don't think they used them for very long time. Then they started using Evluma Areamax LED fixtures on short arms which they still use now. Any HPS fixtures that need service get replaced now with this type.

Also at some point during the mid 2000s my co-op was using GE 201SA NEMAs in HPS. I don't think it was very long though as not many exist and they switched back to Cooper RMA NEMAs by the late 2000s.

To further confuse things, there is an abandoned site also where exists some older American Electric L series NEMA heads on longish arms and an early GE 201SA NEMA head, I'm not sure of their lamp type or if they were from my co-op, or Duke Energy. So the timeline is a little muddied, and possibly these fixtures were once more commonly used here.

Title: Re: What fixtures used for private area lighting in your area?
Post by: High Intensity on January 10, 2019, 10:34:11 PM
There are not a lot of rental fixtures in my area but i know of a few and most of them are floodlights.

Silicon Vally Power (i think) used GE M250A2s and Cooper OVX for rental cobraheads in the past but i'm not sure if they still do since SVP is going all LED now.

Title: Re: What fixtures used for private area lighting in your area?
Post by: Silverliner on January 11, 2019, 06:27:19 PM
Southern California Edison uses M250R2s up to 150w and M400s for 200-400w for private area lighting for current installations.

Title: Re: What fixtures used for private area lighting in your area?
Post by: crabs and bikes on February 10, 2019, 08:31:18 PM
There doesn't seem to be a difference between the private lights and the street lights here. So I've seen Cooper Verdions and Navions used in public roads and in private property. I've seen Cooper Falcons (mostly private property), Hadco Roadway and RX1 when you get lucky. Recently, AEL ATBO's are showing up. There's also a lot of post tops available. Mostly the Hadco family. All the HOAs use the private lighting and use the Hadcos mostly.