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Title: Lights at a hospital here
Post by: Cole D. on July 19, 2019, 09:44:29 PM
At the parking lot of a hospital I pass there are a lot of cobras. They're all American Electric ones. There are drop lens 113s, Model 25s (one of these dayburns usually), and 115s with flat lens. A while back they replaced the ones in one parking lot with ATB0 80 LEDs. The rear parking lot had a dayburner 125 FCO that had a MH color to it. Not sure if the lamp was an EOL HPS or was actually MH.

But strangely the ones they replaced a few weeks ago are a mixture of ATB0 80 LED and 115 HPS. Not sure why they would use both types, but they did. And yet they didn't touch the Model 25 that dayburns.