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Started by dor123 - Last post by dor123
Got the error again for several seconds, when refreshing my gallery and than return to normal.
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Started by Bamaslamma1003 - Last post by dieselducy
I have quite a few lampi fixtures.  Got them back in college in the 90s.  Lowe’s used to sell them. 
 3   Lamps / Modern / Re: USA vs China’s asinine Trade War.  on: Today at 12:53:21 AM 
Started by FGS - Last post by GE101R
Why do people think it is their right to buy things as cheaply as possible? Year after year, I see more and more stuff no longer USA made. Talk to the average person, and they are all for it if it means they save $2.

I used to live and work in China, and I can tell you we should have pulled the plug on them 20+ years ago. Tiananmen should have been the trigger.

In US politics, when rules were loosened to allow greedy US companies to offshore to China, many politicians would be uneasy allowing work to flow to China, but they would usually come around when sold on the idea of "democracy through capitalism" well here we are 30 years later, our landfills being filled with cheap Chinese stuff and few Americans working in productive industries. Those of you who lament on the Trade War need to read up on Xi Jin Ping. Quite possibly the most dangerous regime that the west now faces.

Worse, much of our USA IP has been stolen from us and in many cases weaponized against the west.

Soberingly, it is sad that Americans don't realize when they buy Chinese made products, a little bit of that money goes to a repressive regime who uses it to build weapons to destroy the west. China points nukes at us, and they are very open that militarily, we are an adversary.

The fact that China has always considered us a military adversary makes me very upset at Americans who don't get the gravity of that. And a few times I have heard ignorant people say "well, remember Japan 50 years ago? China will be just like that, just you wait" yeah right. Japan is a US ally. China is NOT.

And all the OP can concern themselves with is that maybe prices for some stuff will go up??

Thank you Trump for trying, but you are not trying hard enough. The good news? It seems that even Democrats have got major beef with China, so China will not be able to rest easy if Trump loses 2020. See, this isn't a political rant because this is a rare thing that both sides in USA can agree on.

Unfortunately, we are likely too late. We care more about gender pro-nouns than we care about realizing the beast from the East is about to take our lunch!

I agree, 1000%.
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Started by Cole D. - Last post by Medved
Failure of the utilities to limit the voltage overshoots...
 5   General / General Discussion / Re: 400 volts for power  on: June 16, 2019, 11:18:13 PM 
Started by Keyless - Last post by Medved
Yes, but you still have Chillers, electric cars, ect need more then 12 or 24 volts. 

The 12 or 24V is, what is used today for lighting and heating control and circulation pump backup only. So not much above about 100..200W in total.

If the battery would be part of the main energy use pattern, it will definitaly have larger voltage, to support tzese higher loads.
The car charger will be most likely fixed installation, just because of the power involved.

The 60 vs 50 Hz plays very significant difference: It is about 40% transformer mass difference for the same losses.
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Started by Cole D. - Last post by tolivac
Never hears of this,either.
 7   Lanterns/Fixtures / Modern / Re: Can roadway fixtures be used for homes wired to code?  on: June 16, 2019, 09:14:14 PM 
Started by Cole D. - Last post by sol
Back when NEMA MV fixtures were the standard HID offering for homeowners here in Canada, they had the latch on optics with a hole just large enough to let the mogul lamp holder through. Not sure about the utility ones, though. I have a large hole one that I got at a local salvage yard, though.

Nowadays, NEMA heads are almost impossible to come by at suppliers, but whatever yard blaster bucket lights are available all have the small hole and screw in optics. They don't even have the "ears" to latch optical assemblies.
 8   General / Off-Topic / Re: Blue sparks from power outlet during storms?  on: June 16, 2019, 09:07:04 PM 
Started by Cole D. - Last post by dor123
Never heard and seen of this phenomenon.
 9   Lanterns/Fixtures / Modern / Can roadway fixtures be used for homes wired to code?  on: June 16, 2019, 08:48:44 PM 
Started by Cole D. - Last post by Cole D.
I just wondering, if someone built a new home and had electrician wire it. Can the electrician use a cobra head or NEMA head or post top and have it pass inspection?

My understanding is the reason yardblasters have the closed top of the reflector around the bulb is so people can't stick their fingers in there where the wiring is. From reading instructions for them, the ones with the screw on refractors are considered UL listed, latch on might not be though because it has a larger opening around the bulb/ballast area.

So can these fixtures be used for residential or would they not pass inspection for the local electric code? I notice roadway fixtures don't show a UL or ETL logo on the tag.
 10   General / General Discussion / Re: Building Light Poles with Conduit  on: June 16, 2019, 08:44:17 PM 
Started by flyoffacliff - Last post by Cole D.
I did this. More expensive but very solid. It is a 6"x6"x16' mounted to two channels in a 24" Sono tube filled with concrete, 5 feet in the ground and one foot above. Underground conduit supplies the electricity. You can mount pretty much any fixture of your liking to it without worrying about swaying or bending.

That's a great idea. I've seen your setup before and it never really dawned on me what a great idea it was. I plan to do that if I ever get my own place or can install a light here. I priced one of those posts from Lowes and it's only about $46. Way easier and cheaper to obtain than telephone pole and can probably be transported relatively easily. I don't know about the cost for the channel or concrete, but still very reasonable.

Plus, 16' is a pretty good mounting height for fixtures, I think.
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