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Started by suzukir122 - Last post by suzukir122
@CEB1993, yeah I'm a little surprised that, after all this time, my Pontiac G6 still sounds so smooth. (Although
there is DEFINITELY an exhaust leak in there somewhere.) Sounds smooth, but that check engine light
needs some attention. I think the check engine light could be because of the gas cap put in incorrectly one day.
I have no idea lol

As for the Daytona, that bike typically sounds smoother than my car, but mainly when it's at temperature lol
I love the high pitched scream as well. Sounds so much better when it's actually on the road. I'll be uploading
a video of me on the road with it soon, as well as some *safe, Speed Limit based* passes. That bike is very, very fast.
I think you're right about the fuel pump. Apparently a lot of engines do this. With some engines you can hear it,
but with most you can't.
I also have to make a video of me on the road with the G6.
My engine sound videos are still incomplete, so I'll be filming more in the future. Still have to show the
engine of the Pontiac G6 as well.
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Started by Cole D. - Last post by GE101R
Just got through throwing away twelve 40" X 18" boxes full of peanuts that cobra head fixtures came in that I bought. Not even the charities wanted it.
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Started by HomeBrewLamps - Last post by HomeBrewLamps

that photo had been hidden at the time to stop controversy because some members were tag teaming it with 1 star rates. Forgot about it until tonight when I looked through my stuff after Patrick sent a memo asking for members to clean up any hidden photos. I've since deleted the entire album.
Interesting that admins can see all our private stuff but then thats really not a surprise on any site  LOL anyways no worries here was just wondering

You shouldn't have removed that image. it was funny lol.
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Started by HomeBrewLamps - Last post by HomeBrewLamps
Here you go.

I do like it but unfortunately the image has no transparency at the moment.
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Started by wattMaster - Last post by Mandolin Girl
Well done  Grin

We are mainly using incandescents now, except when we're using SOX lamps  Cheesy

We have a 28W 2D in the bathroom and another will be going up in the kitchen soon, there's a CFL in the bedroom at the moment but when that dies it will be replaced by an incandescent.

I can happily report that we are now an LED free zone, apart from ones that are used as indicators.  Bulb Man Bulb Man Bulb Man Grin
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Started by Cole D. - Last post by sox35
I have slight autism, and one side-effect is that I cannot tolerate so-called 'piped' music, whatever the volume level. It's not a major problem in shops, as I can just leave, or not shop there, but in places where I have to spend a significant amount of time, like the hairdressers (it's a girl thing  Cheesy) then it's really difficult and I have to wear earplugs. Even then it's still audible to a degree.

I just don't understand why places have to play music. I can see no justification for it whatsoever; if they think it increases sales, then they are so wrong with me, as even if I went in there with the intention of buying something, I will just walk out again and take my custom elsewhere,. In fact, the BBC did a survey a few years ago. They visited a large shopping centre (mall to you lot over the pond..!) and divided it into two. One half had the music switched off, the other half kept it on.

Guess which half got the most sales..?

Here is a UK site which is active in protesting about the onslaught.
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Started by CreeRSW207 - Last post by CreeRSW207
Itís probably boring 4000K like all the others.
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Started by suzukir122 - Last post by CEB1993
I finally made a cold start video of my car, and my bike. I failed to pop the hood of the car though,
which means there will be a third video coming soon.
Anyways, check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAKaRRUob6U

Also -- note the sound my bike makes a minute after I shut the engine off... I've always thought it
was the fuel pump making that strange dialing sound. Is it?

Nice video! GM is amazing at building quality engines. This one sounds really smooth and refined, similar to whatís used in the Chevrolet Impala and some Buick sedans. Itís a shame Pontiac was totally discontinued because they made some legendary cars like the GTO back in the day!

That Triumph bike is gorgeous! Love the supercharged-like sound. The RPMís go all the way to 14, thatís intense!  I donít know as much about motorcycles, but one of my friendís brothers has a Suzuki bike thatís a beautiful machine too. Makes me want to expand my knowledge.

Iím not sure what that sound is after you turn off the Triumph. Could be as simple as a belt or other moving part expanding or contracting. Maybe itís unused gas being pushed back into the tank by the fuel pump.
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Started by wide-lite 1000 - Last post by GE101R
Thanks for the heads up. Already got some from Drew. My "pantry" is kinda full.
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Started by CreeRSW207 - Last post by dor123
What I don't love with LED beside the color of some, and the spectrum, is the glaring, and the fact that it come on and restarts immediately (Which is also the reason why I don't prefer fluorescents, incandescents, CFLs and induction in streetlighting), and that all the thing of interest in this light source isn't come from chemistry (Arctube filling) and physics (The electric arc itself and the glow discharge that you see before the lamp restrikes, as well as the changes in the spectrum during run-up), but from electronics engineering, which I don't interested for.
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