21   General / Off-Topic / Re: Are there other Aspies that me?  on: September 26, 2023, 02:05:48 PM 
Started by VPL - Last post by Molly
Diagnosed with it in 2005. I'm low on the spectrum but it's still noticable.
 22   General / Off-Topic / Re: Are there other Aspies that me?  on: September 26, 2023, 02:02:43 PM 
Started by VPL - Last post by DimBulb
I could be on the borderline. I do know that I am not really good at socializing and I am shy. And don’t have a warm charisma.
Hey Dave, You seem like a cool dude with a good sense of humor in person!
 23   General / General Videos / Re: Electrical panel problem  on: September 26, 2023, 01:56:12 PM 
Started by GE PM - Last post by Mandolin Girl
Link to video corrected here :-*
 25   General / General Videos / Re: Electrical panel problem  on: September 26, 2023, 11:38:12 AM 
Started by GE PM - Last post by GE PM
The person connected the hot to the neutral
 26   General / General Videos / Re: Electrical panel problem  on: September 26, 2023, 05:59:31 AM 
Started by GE PM - Last post by Medved
Dunno what the Code says there, but here is illegal to use any other than green/yellow or a bare (maybe green in legacy installations from before 60's or so) wire for the PE (= grounding) even with tags.
Neither using green/yellow wire for anything else than PE (or PEN if common with the Neutral), nor using any other color (except bare wire) for the PE.

You may "tag" working wires (use blue retagged to black for a phase line,...), but PE can only be green/yellow (green only in legacy  wiring) in a cable.

Using a wire color that is normally used for a phase conductor for grounding even when retagged is extremely dangerous, it is highly prone to wiring error (mix up the wires which is supposed to be used for the PE and which for something else) while such miswiring error would be immediately deadly. You may wire it correctly initially, but after a few years the tag may fall off and then the mixup may happen.

By the way that is the reason why PE was switched from a single color to a two (green + yellow) color scheme for the PE: Even when the colors fade and get distorted (e.g. by heat or sun,...), the fact there are two colors makes it still very easy to distinguish even when both colors became just some shades of gray or brown over the years - no other function than PE (or PEN) could have two colors and the PE (PEN) would always have two colors.
 27   General / General Discussion / Re: Your dreams about lighting...  on: September 26, 2023, 05:23:24 AM 
Started by Foxtronix - Last post by LightsAreBright27
I had good ones and a bad ones.
Good first - walking into an old shed and finding red, yellow and blb tubes.
Bad - 1)hearing crunching sounds and glass breaking as I realise somebody is breaking my collection.
      2)turning on one of my nos rare tubes and the end rapidly blackening and inflating...
 28   General / General Discussion / how to connect pl-s to electronic ballast?  on: September 26, 2023, 05:14:47 AM 
Started by LightsAreBright27 - Last post by LightsAreBright27
I have a philips 11-14w electronic ballast  with 4 wires. It says that it can use a pls 11w but doesn't tell how to wire it.
How do you wire a 2 pin lamp to a 4 pin ballast?
 29   Lanterns/Fixtures / Videos / NYC Low Pressure Sodium Bridge  on: September 26, 2023, 04:44:49 AM 
Started by Econolite03 - Last post by Econolite03
Some time ago I came across a old video uploaded to YouTube that was mentioned on L-G several years ago, but seems to have been long lost / forgotten. The video shows someone driving across the Triborough Bridge (now the RFK bridge) in New York, NY featuring a extensive installation of SOX luminaires in the 1980s. The Triborough is made up of various segments that link the boroughs of Manhattan, Queens, and Bronx. The fixtures are Norelco(Philips) SRPs and appear to be either 135 or 180W with some of the fixtures lit. In addition, I was able to find pictures of the same fixtures in their final days dayburning before being replaced by Lumec Helios fixtures. Low Pressure Sodium saw some use on other bridges in the US, allegedly due to its ability to cut through bad weather such as fog and enhance visibility for motorists (feel free to correct me). I figured I'd share as I find it interesting.

Link to Pictures:
See Here

Link to Video (fixtures appear at 3:44 timestamp):
See Here
 30   General / General Discussion / Re: 8 Metal Halides, One Plug Outlet...?  on: September 26, 2023, 12:48:44 AM 
Started by suzukir122 - Last post by suzukir122
I have to edit what I mentioned in my intro post... I meant to say that one power strip would operate four, while the other power strip would
operate four as well, not two. The garage door opener is the primary reason why I bring up this topic, since the opener wattage is very high,
apparently even when at idle.
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