41   General / Off-Topic / Re: Fewer TV commercials at non peak hours?  on: July 14, 2024, 09:36:37 PM 
Started by Cole D. - Last post by Foxtronix
Not my experience at ALL in my corner of the world! I ditched TV (and about to do the same with YT) because I was drowning in ads! It seems that broadcasters just fill the hour with just as many ads in the quiet hours, I guess they just sell the spots for cheaper at 3AM vs. 6PM!

Each time I play one of my old VHS tapes, I need to process the idea that twenty years ago, a commercial was something like three 30-sec. ads, that's hardly anything! Nowadays commercials are long enough that there's almost more ads than actual content. F/*# that crap. Not too far from that wacky "all-ads channel" concept I imagined as a kid, like "Is that a thing?" LOL.

(Now that I think about it, aren't infomercial channels actually a thing?)
 42   Advertisements / For Sale or Trade / Re: Legacy collections & distribution  on: July 14, 2024, 09:08:16 PM 
Started by arcblue - Last post by Foxtronix
What I'm probably going to do personally, over time, is reduce my "collection", if we can still call it so, to a very small selection of the truly valuable items. That miniature collection has more chances of being effectively handed over to some history preservation organization if I instruct the executor to do so in my will.

But I literally have zero expectations. This whole endeavour was fueled solely because of the internet, so the chances are incredibly low I'll ever find somebody IRL willing to take my relatively large collection off my hands. Selling is about to become very complicated for legal reasons. I guess there could still be a away to literally just give them away to fellow collectors within Canada, at this point this is the only solution I could come up with to keep most of my lighting equipment from ending up to the recycling centre.

I also plan to use them, especially the lamps, and enjoy them as much as I can. I guess I could donate some to the local non-profit thrift store, at least until their sale is completely banned.
 43   General / General Discussion / Re: End of manufacture, importation and sale of fluorescent lamps in Canada.  on: July 14, 2024, 08:26:43 PM 
Started by Ugly1 - Last post by Foxtronix
I can hear the mercury lamp go: Am I a joke to you???  :lol:

I mean c'mon, it's kind of the elephant in the room!

I made that prediction already a while back, but things really start to point towards an LED-only world in 2030. Aside from the few specialty types, all of the LED's predecessors will have become history. And since 2nd-hand sales are hardly mentioned at all in all those regulations, it's kind of tricky to predict how easy or difficult it'll be to acquire new lamps for collecting purposes.
 44   General / Off-Topic / Fewer TV commercials at non peak hours?  on: July 14, 2024, 06:51:45 PM 
Started by Cole D. - Last post by Cole D.
I was watching local evening news tonight which I rarely do on weekend.

But I found it interesting that during the commercial breaks, there seemed to be fewer commercials. And a few of them were promos/pitches produced by the station itself, rather than advertisers.

I’m thinking they must show fewer commercial ads during times that aren’t peak viewing times. Because if you watch the morning or noon news segments, or regular prime time programming, there are more commercials and fewer channel pitches.

It’s also similar during the late 11PM news, you get more news pitch ads than advertisers.

The Sunday evening newscast isn’t even shown all the time, as often it’s pre-empted by sports coverage.

Have you noticed this as well?
 45   Lamps / Modern / Re: Do stripes moving down fluorescent tube mean EOL?  on: July 14, 2024, 06:00:12 PM 
Started by Cole D. - Last post by Cole D.
Ah, that makes sense, as the one I had seen doing this most recently probably hadn’t been used in a while.
 46   Lamps / Modern / Re: What lamps can run on 400w mv base ballast?  on: July 14, 2024, 03:45:18 AM 
Started by LightsAreBright27 - Last post by RRK
It is always a gamble with off-brand metal halide lamps if they are sodium (4A) or mercury (3.25A) ballast rated. 3-electrode MH lamps are generally expected to be mercury ballasted, no way to predict for 2-electrode ones. More, even sodium ballasted MH lamps often (but not all!) run at higher than HPS burner voltage, so actual ballast current falls in some 3.4-3.7A range in fact.
 47   Lamps / Modern / Re: Purpose of capacitor in Philips BSX90 ballast?  on: July 14, 2024, 03:36:06 AM 
Started by Laurens - Last post by RRK
Remember that the series capacitor in leading and CWA style circuit generally works at higher than the line voltage (450V rating typically) and the capacitor borrowed from PFC part (usually 250V rated) may break down.

 48   Lanterns/Fixtures / Modern / Re: Integrated bookcase lighting  on: July 14, 2024, 12:36:24 AM 
Started by sol - Last post by Richmond2000
the house was a tri level side split home and main living space was on the single level side with vaulted ceilings with the kitchen on one end and the "library" on the other and the shelving ran along 2 walls L shaped and there was a desk in the middle of the room and the shelves were behind the user of the desk and would be head height sitting in a chair with built in credenza lower everything was in matching wood
the house was original in furnishing (appeared to be) and was Danish in design
 49   Lanterns/Fixtures / Modern / Re: Newest incandescent traffic signal installation  on: July 13, 2024, 07:52:14 PM 
Started by Milwaukeeman2003 - Last post by Milwaukeeman2003
I forgot about those.
 50   Lamps / Modern / Re: Purpose of capacitor in Philips BSX90 ballast?  on: July 13, 2024, 03:09:41 PM 
Started by Laurens - Last post by Laurens
Aaaaand found a capacitor. Turns out, i got lucky - the mercury vapor gear trays of the lanterns that are getting removed at my place of work contain 9,6µF power factor compensation capacitors (this time really just PFC).

So i took one out because those MV ballasts will run fine without.
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