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Started by SOCCER1200 - Last post by SOCCER1200
I just received a GE Mercury vapor 175 Watt bulb (use with H39 ballast) but, the light does not come on but, now it buzzes. Can anyone recommend a replacement ballast? Thanks in advance!!
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Started by sfsearchlights - Last post by Alex
I rechecked my ebay listing. The lamp, at least the one in the picture is used. You can see residue of oxides devolved in the coolend on the lamp base, as well as a black discoloration on the anode.  So using these lamp would be a big question mark. I found another one which however seems to be new:

Also I am wondering, what determines if a lamp is out of spec with these skybeamers in your case. I know from cinema projectors, mainly cathode wear determines when a lamp is out of spec as it may introduce a flickering picture due to the discharge moving in the lamp.
When I got most of my cinema projector lamps, I got them from a guy who had a small cinema projector maintenance business. I remember that a certain lamp type he was not selling to me or only offering me lamps that were pitch black. I think somewhere I still have one of those. He told me that he used these particular lamps in skybeamers he would rent out, were the arc geometry and stability was not so important. In those application he would run the lamps until they were pitch black or mechanically failed (exploding). He explained me that the optics in the skybeamer were much more rugged then the ones in cinema projectors.
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Started by sfsearchlights - Last post by Alex
So I can radily find a degassed 15kW lamp for IMAX projectors but that does not help of course. 
Reagrding a cheaper source, there is right now a USHIO UWX-15KD for Imax projectors on ebay for $1400. Still a lots of money but less than the $8000.
It is however rated 15kW only. But i do not think that is too much of a problem. Many Ballast may be dimmed by reducing lamp current. I do not know what your art project needs for a light output, but maybe 15kW is enough.
Most important is that the socket with the cooling connection. If you want, I can take picture os my lamps base, in order to see if it would fit. (I have alredy a 15kW lamp from a imax projector in collection).

Also how publicly present will you art instalation be? If it is public in a big city it may be worth asking Ushio or the superior quartz products inc. to sponsor a lamp...

Regarding your lamps,  I would be too very interested in a spare lamp, especially as your lamps seem to bade by the superior quartz products inc. and not by USHIO. I do not have one of these. Shipping would be to Germany or France tho.

best regards,

 94   Lamps / Modern / Re: 20kW liquid cooled xenon short-arcs (SQP SX20000D): wanted, available, questions  on: January 23, 2023, 01:20:18 AM 
Started by sfsearchlights - Last post by sfsearchlights
Lamps are for these units but out of spec for operation.

So one of the collections I acquired was a service depot for these units, and I have 20 lamps of various vintages, most of which were failed and swapped out (one had a tag "draws 900A" - spec is 465A), some are missing fittings, and some are Hanovia type (which according to my NASA contact were more likely to explode) - the current lamps are Superior Quartz. As the xenon leaks out or is absorbed the current goes up - unfortunately luminance does not proportionately increase. Though the AN/TVS-3 fixture is rated for 20kW the power supply appears easily capable of double that, but I don't think the cooling system would keep up.

Photonicinduction are lucky that poor unfortunate lamp didn't explode. "Air-cooled" short-arc xenons are actually radiatiatevly cooled - the anode is a solid tungsten cylinder that glows white hot and is separated from the glass seal using clever designs. In liquid-cooled lamps the anode is hollow and thin - it is conducting all of its heat into the coolant, the anode cylinder is sealed to the envelope - safety overtemp switch shuts it down at 235°F - problems occur with hot shutdown and the coolant boils in the lamp. Run without circulating coolant and Bad Things Happen.

Happy to ship one internationally, if you figure out method and pay for it.
 95   Lamps / Modern / Re: 20kW liquid cooled xenon short-arcs (SQP SX20000D): wanted, available, questions  on: January 23, 2023, 12:24:16 AM 
Started by sfsearchlights - Last post by LightBulbFun
I cant help with finding any lamps for cheaper sadly,

but I just wanted to say I very much enjoyed reading the technical FAQ on your website! :)


they are some awesome fixtures and awesome to get the technical low-down on them!

on the lamps that you have which are out of spec, do you mean that in that they are near EOL and have become out of spec, or are they new/NOS lamps that are of the wrong specifications for your search lights?

if you mean the later, and if you have any more details/pictures on which they are exactly, id potentially be quite interested in one! but i am not sure if you can/would be willing to ship internationally?

and indeed! Photonicinduction found out sadly the hard way what happens when you run one of these without water-cooling!

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Started by TudorWhiz - Last post by WG5582
Been looking for this certain light fixture Propser Apts uses to have all over until 2014 when all of them got replaced. Until late last year found one that got overlooked and isnt working. Tries many times with apt complex and property manager to save it, only heard from property manager and that was back in October saying if it served no purpose hed be happy to let me have it. Nothing since. Even offered replacement but never replied.
 97   Lamps / Modern / 20kW liquid cooled xenon short-arcs (SQP SX20000D): wanted, available, questions  on: January 22, 2023, 08:53:47 PM 
Started by sfsearchlights - Last post by sfsearchlights
So I'm thrilled to find this community of potential collaborators and commiserators.
I have a collection of 20kW military battlefield illuminators, formerly used by NASA to light up Saturn 5 and Shuttle launches, which I've reanimated into an interactive art project. Web site https://projectflashlight.org

The lamps are current production from SQP at $8000 each - it's an art project so trying to remain (more) economical. Trying find some spares at rather less than that. These are the same lamp as used in IMax projectors - they swap out at the end of warranty (and destroy them) - we can get some more life out of those - would love leads on lamps or connections to IMax projectionists?

We also have a number of lamps that are out of spec and can't be used - if someone wants one for a collection let me know (pay for the box and shipping). Note these are for display only - don't even try to test without liquid cooling.
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At the beginning of the year, I got a Revere gumball optical from a thrift store. It didn't come with a head so I stuck in on my Landmark NEMA for the time being. However that fixture was complete so I've been thinking about getting another NEMA head for the gumball. I'd imagine finding a OEM head would be hard but I'm thinking of getting a 100w S54 Cooper RMA head for it since they're the cheapest on eBay but I was wondering if there are any other NEMA head only options on eBay. Thanks in advance.
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Started by Alex - Last post by James
Good progress Alex!

At work we use Trespa for the testbench surfaces, a thin sheet of about 10mm screwed onto a thicker underlayer.  It is not perfectly heat resistant and might occasionally become charred from very high power lamps, but it is very tough and UV-stabilised.  Also rather difficult to cut, best to order it pre-cut to size but it can also be cut with an angle grinder if needed.

People living in Britain still have the luxury of buying Sindanyo sheet, a material originally developed by BTH-Mazda as an asbestos substitute and widely used in industrial environments.  I believe it is based on Mica, and used to be known as BTH board.  Where I worked before at GE in England practically everything heatproof had a surface of Sindanyo.  It was especially good for glassblowing benches because it has low thermal resistance and doesn’t cause shock to hot glass parts.  Which is also good for avoiding damage to hot lamps after testing.  It won’t burn even when white-hot quartz is dropped onto it.
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Started by bodger53 - Last post by Bush DAC90A
The fact that the RCD isn't tripping immediately is interesting. As Beta 5 suggests, I'd want to do the full gamut of tests on it; insulation resistance, earth continuity, the works. Although replacing all the wiring would be a good start if you don't have access to the right test equipment.
Hi I have a 1950s Genalex 5 foot fluorescent canopy type lamp with bayonet type tube and it did the Same when I first bought it  tripped out the RCD after a few seconds and it was the TCC branded  power factor capacitor leaking to earth due to having a metal can . Shame it is 4 hours away from where I live as that would have been an excellent exhibit at steam shows with my Stationary engine and generator kind regards Bob
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