91   Advertisements / Wanted / Re: F96T12 Slimline Ballast  on: August 15, 2019, 07:22:50 AM 
Started by Seth11 - Last post by funkybulb
I tend prefer electronics ballast over Magnetic instant start.   as electronic ballast are easier to wire up
and Electronic ballast takes failing lamp much better
over magnetic.  magnetic ballast can last very long time
if dont let lamp go EOL on them.
 92   Advertisements / Wanted / Re: Urgent: preheat fluorescent  on: August 15, 2019, 07:15:42 AM 
Started by adamrvlx - Last post by funkybulb
ok let make this simple.  i wire up preheat circuit
like you normally would with starters.  now just in place
of starters using a normally open switch to start the
lamp.  and place a normally close switch on the wire
leaving the ballast.  from that to input pin of the lamp
that way u can turn the lamp off like  desk lamp
 93   Advertisements / For Sale or Trade / Re: Hubbell Bronze 150W/M102 Cobra-head  on: August 14, 2019, 09:25:51 PM 
Started by WestinghouseCeramalux - Last post by wide-lite 1000
For that price you could always repaint it !
 94   General / Off-Topic / Re: How many people here have Autism/Aspergers?  on: August 14, 2019, 05:59:00 PM 
Started by HomeBrewLamps - Last post by suzukir122
Heck, now that I think about it a little more, I definitely still have ADHD, but mainly when it comes to lighting. If I were to
see a fluorescent lamp going EOL, I'd do almost anything to take a look at what it's doing, instantly forgetting about whatever
else I was originally doing... not just as a kid, but nowadays as well. Same goes for Metal Halides, Mercury Vapors and HPS start ups,
or any other lamps relevant to those. Just too cool and eye catching for me not to pay attention to them.
 95   General / Off-Topic / Re: How many people here have Autism/Aspergers?  on: August 14, 2019, 05:43:05 PM 
Started by HomeBrewLamps - Last post by CEB1993
I am not Autistic and do not have Aspergers, although I did have ADD/ADHD as a kid.  I would have trouble paying attention at school and focusing on getting homework done. Surprisingly, caffeine in Diet Coke or coffee helped me to calm down and focus on my school work when I was younger.  I've grown out of most of my ADD/ADHD behaviors now as an adult, and caffeine still helps me calm down and focus.  I guess I have funky brain/body chemistry.

Of course, places with lots of lights to look at stole all my attention.  I had trouble diverting my attention to anything else besides an eye-catching fluorescent, metal halide, etc.  Now that I'm older I've learned to appreciate my eye for and knowledge of lighting  Smiley
 96   General / Off-Topic / Re: Its severe weather season! Be prepared for it!  on: August 14, 2019, 05:27:04 PM 
Started by lightinglover8902 - Last post by xmaslightguy
Yesterday evening I had a small thundershower pass over where I live. Not severe, but after it passed I went out & got a good look at the cloud at sunset. That one was a really cool looking storm!

The round of afternoon large severe/tornadic storms out east I mentioned a few posts back created what's called an 'outflow boundary'
which in this case headed west, towards the mountains...later at night - after 9pm, got there and fired off another round of storms, one of which got severe-warned. Even the non-severe ones had pretty active lightning Smiley I sat & watched for a bit, I tried videoing one of them...not sure how/if it turned out.

Looking at the radar: there is now a couple storms at the eastern edge of CO that have gone severe-warned.

And one of those got tornado-warned.
 97   General / Off-Topic / Re: Oldest, newest home you've lived in?  on: August 14, 2019, 03:20:53 PM 
Started by ace100w120v - Last post by GE101R
1891 and rented one built in 1851 to buy in Alabama near a military school. Had photos of when the Union Army captured it with one photo of the General on the front porch surrounded by his troops and another photo of when the Confederates re-captured it with the Confederate General and his men around him. House would not pass inspection and the main reason that it was built on rocks and cedar logs to support the frame. I went to the dirt "cellar" underneath the house and wondered how many from the civil war had been on the same spot that I was in. The front door was about three inches of thick oak wood with a brass door knob and large key lock.
It was like going back in time. I think now that I should have bought it anyway.
 98   General / Off-Topic / Re: Where are you from  on: August 14, 2019, 03:09:56 PM 
Started by LightsDelight - Last post by suzukir122
Born in Washington D.C, but my mom is from Barbados, and my dad is American.
So I'm half Barbadian, and half African American.
 99   General / Off-Topic / Re: How many people here have Autism/Aspergers?  on: August 14, 2019, 03:05:55 PM 
Started by HomeBrewLamps - Last post by suzukir122
I don't have Autism, or Aspergers, but I do have difficulty in social situations. This has absolutely nothing to do with
my lighting interest. The difficulty I have in terms of relating to people also leads to my depression.
I've got ADHD as well though, but not as bad as when I was a kid. Dude... it was BAD when I was a kid. And ADHD occurred
about 95% of the time, because of the lighting around me in school. Especially during an EOL. 100% of my attention
was always fixated on the light about to EOL. I'll leave it to you guys to imagine how ridiculous I looked in class.
 100   Advertisements / For Sale or Trade / Re: Hubbell Bronze 150W/M102 Cobra-head  on: August 14, 2019, 12:07:07 PM 
Started by WestinghouseCeramalux - Last post by GE101R
I'd be more interested if they were gray too...don't care for cow-pie brown either.
I was going to say that but you beat me to it. LOL
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