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Your logic is terrible. Keep buying from China, otherwise we may get into a war with them?

First off, China won't start a war with us over that. China is not into projecting power outside of their own sphere. They only care about Taiwan, HK and relations that they can benefit from. China is a very selfish country, and they wouldn't want to be destroyed by starting a war with another major nuclear power.

Have you seen what China is doing to HK right now?

Do you know what China wants to do to Taiwan?

They will do what they want, despite us being their customer. The more we buy from them, the sooner they can achieve their goal of conquering Taiwan and assimilating HK ahead of schedule.

Have you seen "Black Mirror"? That's China TODAY. In China they use WeChat to pay for most things, if not all things that are e-pay. If you own an electric car in China, which many do, you would use WeChat (Wei Xin) to pay for charging your car. If you say Xi Jin Ping looks like Pooh, or talk about Hong Kong protests your WeChat account gets suspended, and your ability to pay for charging your electric car, buying groceries, getting airplane ticket...is all shut down too. Have you ever seen an electric car charging station that can take real money? Nope.

So, you want to give money to this regime because you think they'll attack us?

Modern mentality is so annoying. In Seattle, the City government will ban official business with any anti-gay region in USA. But, I keep suggesting to them to no longer buy Chinese made products with City tax dollars. They ignore me. They want to ban travel to West Virginia or Missouri for LGBTQ reasons, but if you explain to them that being gay in China=Mental Illness and NO rights at ALL, or the political prisoners, or the suppression of Muslims (for some reason LGBTQ in Seattle like Muslims....so weird) they don't care. I think Americans don't care whenever you call into question their ability to buy cheap crap.

You know, they say stuff like "to avoid conflict we should just keep buying stuff". Yeah, right!
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Check out this hoard of lamps !  https://www.ebay.com/itm/70-LIGHT-BULBS-Phillips-SOX-GE-Lucalox-Circline-Showcase-Mercury-Vapor/292033193581?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649

Unfortunately this is "local pickup " only but it is also best offer
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Started by Fluorescent05 - Last post by Fluorescent05
When did residential grade light switches start appearing? Did residential grade hard snap switches exist?
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Started by Cole D. - Last post by LandryB
I heard one time that sometimes during thunderstorms, when the lightning struck that blue sparks would come from their wall outlets. I've never seen this happen in my house though. Has anyone heard of this? Maybe ungrounded outlets could do this?

I would think most likely it was due to power surges coming through. But I had power surges during storms but never any sparks either.

When my mother was a teenager during the 1960s, she said it happened at their house during a nighttime thunderstorm.  Fortunately it didn't start a fire.

When my brother was watching a thunderstorm with his son from their garage back in 2009, he saw blue sparks along their garage door framework & the door openers. This damaged the door motors and their furnace was aslo damaged.  His other son was watching TV in their living room and he saw sparks behind the TV.
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I agree, 1000%.

So you’re agreeing we should remove the means that’s keeping China and USA from going to full blown war (possibly going nuclear) with each other? The kind of where China needs our dollars and the USA needs their products. And no the Cold War’s nuclear Mutually Assured Destruction is not likely to work with China/USA like it did with Russia/USA. China has less than 300 atom bombs whilst the USA have about 6500 of the things. M.A.D. only works when both countries are about evenly matched in weapon numbers. Russia has 6800 of them. (Dunno about ready to fire vs in storage bombs but that’s the total of them I got from Google.)

The last thing any sane man would want regardless of political party or country of birth is a Third World War. We all must do everything to keep it from starting up. Even if it means buying from China as usual.
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I have made a few additional optimizations.  Hopefully they help a bit.
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Back when NEMA MV fixtures were the standard HID offering for homeowners here in Canada, they had the latch on optics with a hole just large enough to let the mogul lamp holder through. Not sure about the utility ones, though. I have a large hole one that I got at a local salvage yard, though.

Nowadays, NEMA heads are almost impossible to come by at suppliers, but whatever yard blaster bucket lights are available all have the small hole and screw in optics. They don't even have the "ears" to latch optical assemblies.

Not sure in Canada, but Lithonia/Cooper has the 11L series of NEMA heads on eBay, which have screw on optics, but also have the ears so they could use latch on. In instructions for GE 201SA it also lists screw on optics as an option, and I think the one I have has mounting holes for one. But I haven't seen any that actually have one.

I had also seen a vintage yardblaster on eBay from American Electric similar to what you describe. It had the latch on reflector but smaller hole around the lampholder.

Since I gotten into collecting, I prefer NEMA heads with latch on optics, since it looks more like a utility fixture.
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Got the error again for several seconds, when refreshing my gallery and than return to normal.
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I have quite a few lampi fixtures.  Got them back in college in the 90s.  Lowe’s used to sell them. 
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Why do people think it is their right to buy things as cheaply as possible? Year after year, I see more and more stuff no longer USA made. Talk to the average person, and they are all for it if it means they save $2.

I used to live and work in China, and I can tell you we should have pulled the plug on them 20+ years ago. Tiananmen should have been the trigger.

In US politics, when rules were loosened to allow greedy US companies to offshore to China, many politicians would be uneasy allowing work to flow to China, but they would usually come around when sold on the idea of "democracy through capitalism" well here we are 30 years later, our landfills being filled with cheap Chinese stuff and few Americans working in productive industries. Those of you who lament on the Trade War need to read up on Xi Jin Ping. Quite possibly the most dangerous regime that the west now faces.

Worse, much of our USA IP has been stolen from us and in many cases weaponized against the west.

Soberingly, it is sad that Americans don't realize when they buy Chinese made products, a little bit of that money goes to a repressive regime who uses it to build weapons to destroy the west. China points nukes at us, and they are very open that militarily, we are an adversary.

The fact that China has always considered us a military adversary makes me very upset at Americans who don't get the gravity of that. And a few times I have heard ignorant people say "well, remember Japan 50 years ago? China will be just like that, just you wait" yeah right. Japan is a US ally. China is NOT.

And all the OP can concern themselves with is that maybe prices for some stuff will go up??

Thank you Trump for trying, but you are not trying hard enough. The good news? It seems that even Democrats have got major beef with China, so China will not be able to rest easy if Trump loses 2020. See, this isn't a political rant because this is a rare thing that both sides in USA can agree on.

Unfortunately, we are likely too late. We care more about gender pro-nouns than we care about realizing the beast from the East is about to take our lunch!

I agree, 1000%.
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