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Interesting weather « on: August 13, 2021, 09:12:31 PM » Author: afxms104
After a week in the mountain I got exposed to some crazy weather! There was an afternoon thunderstorm yesterday and it was loud due to the trees dripping on the tarp and the site next to me had so much water on the tarp that it was sagging down and dripping down! Tubing on 8/11 was awesome! Though there was a thunderstorn right when we got there, in bright daylight there was a lightnin bolt so loud it lit up everything and blasted my ears! There were people in the creek during that! While I was actually in the creek it rained a bit but no thunder... Crazy enough getting tossed around over like 2 ft high water falls! Lunch before was great! Restaurant had a nice sanitation rating of 100.0! It can be hard finding food cus I'm vegan but it was all good!

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