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Laguna Niguel Circline Desk Lamp « on: October 26, 2021, 11:35:34 AM » Author: suzukir122
I remember a long time ago, around like 2004-2006, Lowes sold huge desk lamps... the Luguna Niguel Circline desk lamp. The lamp contained a 30w Circline
lamp with a decent sized fixture like ballast channel that had a pull chain attached to it. The ballast was an electronic Keystone ballast that could operate
22w, 30w and 32w lamps. With adjustments, the desk lamp could fit 32w Circline lamps as well, as I found out as a kid. Many years later, this gives
me a lighting idea for this desk lamp... but the problem is, I can't find this desk lamp anywhere online.
Has anyone even heard of this desk lamp before?

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