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Criticism of on « on: October 31, 2021, 11:36:53 PM » Author: Patrick
After some recent events, I'd like to clarify our position on statements made against policies and practices of on our site.  Dissent and differences of opinion are welcome, and you will not be penalized for posting critiques of the way our site is operated.  However, there are several important caveats you should know.
  • The posting should be made in the appropriate location, such as the Questions & Suggestions board.  General criticism in a photo comment for instance may be removed for being off-topic in nature.
  • You should not single-out a specific member in your critique.  While you are permitted to speak out against general practices, publicly targeting a person (by name, username, or other identifying characteristic) is generally unacceptable.  The exception being that you may suggest improvements to specific people, but when doing so be careful to show respect respect and not enter the realm of harassment.  Posts with valid criticism but which also attack individuals will be removed.
  • Likewise, you may not borrow content from specific members for use in your critique.  If a post involves the re-upload or embedding of another member's picture, it will be taken down.
  • Finally, please remain respectful, and comply with all other site rules while writing your post.  I understand that when people are dissatisfied and become upset it is easy to make a mistake, so please think carefully.
If you need to contact us about a concern involving a specific individual, do not hesitate.  All we ask is that you convey those thoughts in private rather than on the message boards.

Thank you,
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