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Revised Site Rules « on: April 24, 2021, 05:04:21 PM » Author: Patrick
New Site Rules

We are pleased to announce revised rules for members of  All of us administrators have assembled this consolidated rule list to clarify our expectations for membership, and have agreed to enforce it fairly and consistently.  We encourage all members to familiarize themselves with the rules, in order to avoid misunderstandings going forward.

What is changing with the revised rules?

The new rule list borrows elements from the original master rule list, various proclamations we have made on the Site Rules board in the past, and other common notices we have given to members in comments over time.  There is very little that is actually new, so we do not anticipate any major surprises.  However, we would recommend everybody read the rules thoroughly.  Ignorance of the rules is not a valid excuse for violating them.

What is the penalty for a rule violation?

When an administrator is notified of or discovers content or conduct inconsistent with our policies, we will intervene in order to remedy the situation.  This make take the form of a comment on the thread in question, removal or editing of the posting in question, and/or a personal message explaining our concern.  Repeat violations or refusal to listen to our instructions may be followed up by a subsequent warning, temporary suspension, and/or permanent ban.   At times we might institute restrictions such as a reduced photo or post limit.  The specific consequence depends on the severity of the offense and your willingness to work with us in order to rectify the issue.  Although it is always our goal to reach an amicable solution when disputes arise, be aware that serious matters may result in immediate removal.  Do not assume you are entitled to a warning no matter what.

If I spot content on the site that appears to go against site rules but remains, can I assume it's acceptable?

No, is home to more than a hundred thousand postings.  We do not have the ability to review every single message for compliance.  You are expected to follow the rules regardless of whether others have done so consistently in the past.  I will also note that rule violations often result in deletion or changes to content, but not always.  In certain circumstances we may make an exception, such as for a photo that is old or cannot be retaken.  An exemption we make for one specific message or photo only applies to that one post, and is not meant to set a precedent.

Will an administrator ever warn me about or ask me to change a post that does not violate the rules?

We believe the rules document is comprehensive, and will adequately distinguish between acceptable and unacceptable behavior and material in nearly ever situation.  However, inevitably there will be some circumstances we did not predict and are not fully addressed by the rules.  In the event of an ambiguity, you are still expected to comply with an administrator's directions.  If you wish to follow up with us after the fact to clarify the rules, feel free, but disregarding an order made by an admin because it does not align with your interpretation of the rules is inadvisable.  Instead, follow their guidance, show respect, and contact us to discuss further.

Can I appeal a decision made by an administrator?

Yes, if you are dissatisfied or disagree with an administrator's decision, you may use Help -> Contact Admins to reach the entire administrative team, or you are welcome to contact the site owner, Patrick (me), directly.  We also have an e-mail address which you'll find at the bottom of the page.  Please keep in mind that while we are reviewing your case, you are expected to follow the requests made by the administrator in question.  Disobeying or disrespecting an administrator may lead to disciplinary action even if we find your appeal to have merit, so please be patient and comply while we take time to consider the matter.

Can I propose a new rule or modification to an existing rule?

Yes you may.  These rules are here to benefit the community and we welcome your suggestions.  We will not always incorporate them, but if you have thoughts on how changes to the rules could benefit the site, please don't hesitate to let us know.  Use Help - Contact Admins to send us a message.  Remember the rules do not exist merely for our benefit.  The rules are here to ensure the site remains a welcoming environment where lighting topics can be discussed openly, and where the content shared is of high quality and value.

Patrick C., Administrator

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