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Westinghouse/Ken-Rad HID Flood lamp dating « on: May 10, 2022, 07:40:53 AM » Author: Bulbman256
Hey all,

I figured out how to read the Ken-Rad/Westy datecode for some MV and HPS flood lamps made in the 1960s/70s. The code for 1960s era lamps looks like a 1960s era westy fluorescent code, and going by the dots we get January of that year. Unfortunately this has a Ken-Rad etch and thus the letter is not visible like the Westinghouse etch is (this code works similar to a 1980s ge code.) However, we can pull from an example from Eric (BT-25) of a similar westy branded lamp. (Kentucky radio was a sub lamp brand that was made by Westinghouse using the same equipment) Judging by this, we can guess the line would be roughly under the H in Westinghouse if this was indeed one of their lamps as branded so. This leads to 1963, so a final date of January of 1963. The Westinghouse example from eric also lines up, with a dating of may of 1966.

For 1970s Examples, we end up with a date code that is the 1970s westy fluorescent date code, judging by an HPS lamp that Eric has that he dated at December of 1979. :bulbman:

TL8W: Sharing the Westinghouse Fluorescent date code.
Eric: Sharing a reference lamp photo to get the year down.


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