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Mystery tri-band metal halide in my country « on: January 11, 2010, 12:44:33 PM » Author: dor123
In my city i saw several metal halide lamps (400W and perhaps also 250W) mostly in floodlights that when i checked their spectra with a CD-R it were similar to tri-band metal halide lamps with indium blue line, thalium green line but instead of sodium iodide orange line i detected a mystery halide that produces a high density of spectral lines (but not as much as dysprosium, holmium or thulium) with higher intensity in the blue, turquoise and green but less intensity in the yellow and poor intensity in orange and red.
These lamps produces a pale bluish green light but rarely a rich daylight white if the mystery halide is dosed in large quantities and all its spectral lines are high intensity.
Somebody know of this type of metal halide lamps? and what is the mystery halide that put instead of sodium?
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