Author Topic: Which ignitor comes with the Schreder Sepale as standard?  (Read 908 times)

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Which ignitor comes with the Schreder Sepale as standard? « on: September 30, 2012, 01:09:02 PM » Author: dor123
I've recently observed several times, a cycling HPS lamp inside a Schreder Sepale from the third floor of my hostel I live in, which rised me the feeling that this lantern have a "Smart" (Anti-Cycling) ignitor:
On the first cycle of the lamp, the lamp turned on after between 15-30 secs.
On the second cycle of the lamp however, the entrie lantern went out permanently, and wasn't turned on anymore, and will remain dark, until the next turning on of the streetlighting.
This isn't the first time I'm seeing Schreder Sepales that turns off permanently when a HPS lamp begin to cycle.
Several years ago, at the winter, when I and the other tenants of the hostel I live in, were in the city center of Kiryat Ata, there was a small power outage, that turned off several Schreder Sepales in that area permanently.
So I want to know which ignitor comes with this lantern as standard.

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