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American women stereotyping males « on: July 21, 2014, 09:42:52 PM » Author: chapman84
It's funny how women call men creepy. Let me tell you what's creepy. A lot of American women are creepy. They have no substance, they have no heart, they have no passion and then they have the audacity to judge us males that they themselves wouldn't date anyway because we're not the caliber they're looking for and then they judge us for looking somewhere else. I say to the women that have that mentality, mind your own business and leave us alone. It's none of your business who we date and who our preferences are. What do you care? You didn't choose us, nor were you going to and when people don't have choices, if they feel that they're excluded, they're gonna find a place where they're included, it's as simple as that. How many of those same women have their preferences and they're never accused of being creepy? But maybe they should be and here's why. How many women choose men on their income level? That isn't creepy? Isn't that using us? If a man suddenly loses that lucrative income, isn't that gonna be risky for that man and that woman's gonna say "you don't earn enough money, I'm outta here?" How come women have no problem having their so called standards that aren't necessarily good or right and not based in love, but if a man has an ethnic preference in the US, he's a loser? Men are going off to other races of women because American white women casted them in the abysmal "friend zone" because they were two inches shorter than they liked or for some other arbitrary reason. I'm not saying all American women are stuck up, but most of them are.
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Re: American women stereotyping males « Reply #1 on: July 25, 2014, 07:46:34 AM » Author: LegacyLighting
Hope things improve for you. Sounds like you had a very bad experience. Perhaps you'll feel differently when you meet the right person.
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