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Making Linking Rules More Flexible « on: April 18, 2008, 12:00:14 PM » Author: TudorWhiz
Hello Fellow Members,

I know that we had rules on linking shown here and for some of you it is a bit hard to remember, I have decided to be more flexible. This link I just mentioned is the format code rule.

Here is a new change. The rules from the above link, is a format code rule. But you do not have to use the format code linking if the link is very simple and has words in it and is not long. However if the link has bunch of nonsense random characters and numbers even if there were some words in it, will have to use the old rule format code.

But if it is as simple as "" or "" or similar, then you do not need to use the special format code linking shown in the above link. Other languages such as French and Dutch or any other foreign language is acceptable and do not need any special format code linking. However if another language and some random nonsense characters are to be followed with the format code rule.

Be sure the link does not exceed the width of the page.

If you have questions, or are confused, please PM the administrator, and he will answer your questions and maybe post the questions and answers in this post.

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