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Dating of Bell linear lamps « on: April 26, 2008, 03:12:11 AM » Author: SeanB~1
My one Bell lamp has finally ( after sterling service for many years as a alarm wake up light) given up the ghost. Can anybody date this lamp. Only info is a black ink stamp on one aluminium end, nothing has survived on the inside frosted tube. This 284mm long lamp has operated for around 2 hours per day , for most winters, for at least since 1992 AFAIK, it originally had a soft starter, but that went when the LED alarm clock that drove it died from a failed backup battery that leaked over the board. Current driver is a cheap clock radio sans radio, with a 10A ZCS SSR occupying the space freed up by said removal. !0a SSR is rather overkill for a 1A load, but it is an old one I had lying around. A 2A SSR I first used died short circuit due to the switch on surges, I definitely will put a current limiter on the new lamp.

The stamp reads B.E.L.L 240/250V 60W NJ

The replacement lamp is a clear one ( you can thus see the construction of the long tungsten coil supported by wires on a long glass support tube) dated TG
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