Author Topic: Full Silver globe bulbs?  (Read 1334 times)
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Re: Full Silver globe bulbs? « Reply #15 on: September 30, 2017, 11:09:32 AM » Author: Lodge
Your welcome, and they are nice looking bulbs, and while they are a squirrel cage filament, I think they are mainly for show when off being full silver is what makes them look cool, because it's really something people never see and then they light up, there filament design doesn't matter it was a silver light bulb just a second ago..

And I'm glad your keeping a little piece of history alive, I'm old enough to remember going to a roller skating rink as a kid and seeing lights like this it's pretty cool...   

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Re: Full Silver globe bulbs? « Reply #16 on: September 30, 2017, 11:35:45 PM » Author: Discolightman
Awesome!!  Incandescent Lamp :inc:There still a good proportion of rinks still run these systems. The rink in my town still runs there L-4001 system which I am glad. Sad thing is the audio have been disconnected to is so the lights don't go to the music anymore as I remember.

My systems I restored my self which are all Litelab and I have L-4001(1981), L-4000(1983), L-1000(1977) and a L-8000(1979). The L-4001 gets used most cause of the music functions but I do like the L-8000 over the amount of chase patterns.
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