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Recent Events « on: August 28, 2018, 10:29:56 PM » Author: Patrick
Over the past month we have seen an increase in reports, accusations, and retaliations.  That in turn has led to disciplinary repercussions, including warnings and bans.  I would like to appeal to all of you in the hope we can change course.  For once I want to do away with the threats of permanent bans, and simply ask that we all strive to keep this site a welcoming environment for everyone.  So before you single out a member for wrongdoing, before you hurl that insult, and before you press that report button, consider how you can build that bridge rather than tear it down.

That being said I realize that a subset of our members, particularly those in the U.K., have had some serious differences.  That animosity will not dissipate overnight, so I am speaking to you guys and gals in particular.  I suggest to all of you involved, that you not rush back in and repeat the same mistakes.  Slow it down a bit, take a short break from the site.  Maybe I am being naive, but I like to believe we can work our differences, instead of adding more names to the ban list.  Thank you everyone.

-Patrick (Site Owner & Webmaster)

Patrick C., Administrator

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