Author Topic: Have you learned to deal with glare despite the light source?  (Read 262 times)
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Have you learned to deal with glare despite the light source? « on: June 08, 2018, 05:55:29 AM » Author: F96T12 DD VHO
When I was 15 I started noticing glare and "glarebombs" from omnidirectional light sources or just exposed point sources (CFL, LED Bulb, Clear or Frosted Inc, etc.)
Now being 18 I realized no light source or light fixture can be designed to completly avoid or have little glare
I have come to realization and accepted it
Have you accepted glare or are you trying to get used to it?

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Re: Have you learned to deal with glare despite the light source? « Reply #1 on: June 10, 2018, 06:31:42 PM » Author: sol
The most annoying glare I encounter is usually from standard prismatic-lensed troffers. Oh, and badly designed/chosen LED (replacement) fixtures as well. Most of my glare problem occurs inside public buildings.

My room at my place of work is lit by 16 recessed troffers that have 2x32W fluorescent (for now). I also have a wall that has very generous windows. On sunny days, the sunshine (my windows face south-west) balance out the glare quite well (not perfect but not too much noticeable). On dark cloudy days or after sunset, the glare is not too bad at first but the more time I spend there, the more it becomes an issue. OK, enough of the problem, onto my 'solution'.

I have at the back of the room a small counter lit by an under cabinet fixture of 1x32W fluorescent. When it is lit on dark days, the problem of glare is somewhat reduced. I figured that when the light coming in from the windows was lower, it made too much of a contrast between the darker surroundings and the brighter light fixtures. The under cabinet fixture made a light point at eye level, helping evening it out. That is when I had the (almost ultimate) idea of this metal halide homemade lamp. I light it daily and it makes a bright light at eye level to even it out.

I heard that they might change to LED during the summer so we'll see how it goes and I might have to adjust the intensity of the MH...
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