Author Topic: Has a large amount of photos gone missing?  (Read 3687 times)
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Re: Has a large amount of photos gone missing? « Reply #15 on: December 10, 2019, 10:59:01 PM » Author: joseph_125
I do have a machine with Windows 10 on it, I have some specialist software that won't run under Linux, but it's been very heavily modified to resemble Win 7 as much as possible. I was extremely annoyed to read not long ago that the latest versions of Win 10 have been modified so that you HAVE to use a Microsoft account to install it  Shocked  It's possible to circumvent this, but Microsoft don't tell you how  Undecided

Yeah I run Windows 10 on my computers for that reason too. A lot of CAD software seems to built for Windows only. As for the Microsoft account thing, I believe the last time I did a new install of Windows 10 I just didn't connect the computer to internet until it was fully setup and that let me circumvent the mandatory Microsoft account. I wonder if that's still possible with newer versions of Windows 10.
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