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Reminder on the use of ' Report this comment to administrator ' « on: October 10, 2020, 01:14:03 PM » Author: Lightingguy1994
Recently it has become apparent that some members are abusing the reporting feature for petty things like disagreements with other members.
We would like to remind everyone that the reporting feature is ONLY to be used when a member is;

- Being bullied.
- Posting inappropriate / obscene comments or topics.
- Spamming (Posting the same content everywhere).
- Harassing you or another member.
- Threatening you or others.
- Posting sensitive personal info of other members.
- Blatantly abusing or misusing site features to bother others.
- Doing any action not listed here that breaks site rules.

Do not report members for things like;

- General disagreements.
- Topics you disagree with.
- Pictures of lights you don't like.
- Actions not listed here that do not break site rules.

We remind everyone that if you do not agree on a subject or get along with certain people, just leave them be. If you are unsure of the rules of the site, please look in the "Site Rules & Instructions" Board or ask one of the administrators. Patrick, RCM442 and Silverliner are recommended. If anyone continues to misuse site features, one of us will be in touch to have a chat.
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