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My idol is Mylene Farmer, deal with it.

What is your most embarrassing lamp related story? « on: September 29, 2023, 03:42:19 PM » Author: vytautas_lamps
I was walking around my favorite electrical supply store. It is quite a large facility with so many things in it, such as 4 pole DIN rail contactors that are all four NC witch is extremely hard to come by n general, unless you order it online, but here we are, 6 of them on a shelf. Anyway, back to the topic.

So I was walking there, and I walked by the lamp bin where I usually go pick up some rare tubes left out by various people. Basically, a third of my "rare" tubes division came from that very box. So I walked by it and I saw a pile of shards beneath it. Apparently someone accidentally, or not, broke a tube while trying to put in in the box. And it reminded me of. That. Unfaithful. Day.

In 2017, when I first discovered that store near one  edge of my city, I went there looking for ceramic E40 sockets for my homemade projects. I was searching trough my whole city for a store that had at least 1 in stock, and none did, witch appalled me back then. So when I walked in that store for the first time, I saw how many various thigs they had, such as an entirely dedicated glass cabin for just wago products, or an entire shelf  above the register where they had all sorts of vosloh schwabe ballasts from fluorescent to HPS. I was exploring that store and I came across that box of lamps that I talked about just now. I remember seeing it for the first time, rammed full of various fluorescent tubes, and some of those tubes were rare Tungsram 58 watt Daylight and cool white tubes, and next to the box itself, along the information booth that it was set against, were leaning 11 soviet fluorescent tubes, all seemed NOS and upon closer inspection they were made in 1971. Of course I had to take them home with me.

Now keep in mind that the store was a huge open ceiling-gymnasium type of building. There are no walls. just a huge rectangular building with 20 meter tall arched ceilings, so if anyone, at the very back corner from the entrance drops a bag of tissues, it is enough to make an echoing noise trough the building. Now you can imagine what I did that day. I started to pick up the soviet tubes leaning unstably against the lamp box. As I am doing that, the tubes shifted and to my absolute horror, four tubes started flying into the gap between the booth and the lamp box and I could not do anything to stop it but just cover my ears. BOOM!

The four tubes shatter, all people in the 50 meter vicinity all get heart attacks and start wondering where THE GOD DAIMNED DYNAMITE WENT OFF while I stand to my horror still hearing the explosion echoing trough the store 10 second later!

Three bloody security guys run to me, four cashiers run to me, all start yelling at me what in god's name was I doing touching the tubes! They shouted at me, I was in shock I almost started to cry, but I managed to keep somewhat calm and explained to them that I collect tubes and that those were rare tubes and I wanted To take them home with me. The look on their faces still haunts me to this day. That explosion sound still haunts me to this day. THE EMBARRASEMENT IN FRONT OF ALL THOSE OTHER PEOPLE STILL HAUNTS ME TO THIS DAY!  :poof: It was easily the most embarrassing lamp related story of my life! It easily beats the one where some people caught me leaning on my belly half way into a outside rubbish container trying to fish out some lamps I saw glistening at the bottom of it. I was only 11 at that time. They laughed. I cried at home. Anyway.

Tell me your most embarrasing lamp related tsory, I would ove to know! We could have some great laughs from each others stories  :mrg: :angel:
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New lighting technologies is a pity fest everywhere you look. From LEDs that last only for two months, to a never-ending global starvation of t8 fluorescent tubes.
We shall reinforce ourselves with good old full mercury t12s and HIDs made to surpass one's life, and give them all the middle finger ;


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Re: What is your most embarrassing lamp related story? « Reply #1 on: September 29, 2023, 07:46:43 PM » Author: suzukir122
I was that one kid at my preschool that flipped on and off the Rapid Start fluorescent fixtures. (Louvered and HPF) regardless of what the
teacher thought, until all the kids looked at me and yelled... "awwwwwwww?" Not sure why, but back in the day, "awwwwwww?," meant you
did something really, really bad. No body does that anymore.  :'-)
Anyways, Mrs. Rose quickly picked me up, ending my lighting journey immediately. Then again, I was only like, 2, maybe 3 years old, so I knew no better.
I have another related story of me flipping on and off lighting, but when I was 9 or 10 years old, in Kmart.  :'-)
I'll have to tell that one when I have more time.

1. Motorcycles, Cars, Women, and Lighting (especially fluorescent)
2. Weightlifting/staying extremely athletic
3. Severe Thunderstorms of all kinds
4. Food and drinks. So gimme them bbq ribs
Lighting has ALWAYS been a passion of mine. I consider everyone on here to be a friend


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Re: What is your most embarrassing lamp related story? « Reply #2 on: October 12, 2023, 01:54:08 AM » Author: AngryHorse
This didn’t happen to me, but I was there watching!
Back in the 80s some of our older pole mounted SOX along the quieter lanes around our town were still time switch control, the clock housing was mounted quite low down, 3 metres or so.
During the summer holidays my mate and me were riding bikes around these lanes and my mate decided he wanted to click on the override buttons on the clocks to turn the street lighting on!

He leaned his bike on one of the poles, stood on its bar to reach the clock housing but got caught!  :o
The embarrassing thing, he didn’t just get caught by any passing driver, he got caught by our towns most oldest and respected electrician Harry Woodine!

Harry understandably wasn’t impressed!, to him he just saw a dumb school kid trying to climb a power pole!
We both got a lengthy telling off and graphic descriptions of what electricity could do to our bodies, it was very humbling especially who it was coming from!   :-[

Current: UK 230V, 50Hz
Power provider: e.on energy
Street lighting in our town: Philips UniStreet LED (gen 1)
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"Beauty fades, dumb is forever".......Judge Judy :D

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