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Duplicate/Redundant Photos « on: May 22, 2015, 09:09:43 PM » Author: Patrick
Recently members have expressed concern that there are too many redundant photographs being uploaded to the gallery.  I am beginning notify members when I see similar pictures being added.  We have rules against multiple shots of the same lamp/fixture.  Note that this only applies to your own pictures.  It is acceptable to upload your own photos of lamps/fixtures that are similar to those posted by others.

If I send you a notification, I expect that you will make adjustments within one week, either by deleting near-duplicates, keeping only your best, or by combining the pictures with an editor.  If you combine a photo, you can re-upload it using the Replace File feature, which will keep your existing description and comments.

In addition, we may be asking you to remove or replace low quality photos (e.g., too blurry, too small, no description/details, etc.)

Should you choose to disregard our warnings, we may choose to make the modifications ourselves.  If you are unsure whether your gallery meets our standards after editing, feel free to ask and I will let you know whether or not further changes are necessary.  We will not edit or delete photos before sending you a message.  If you do not want us editing your photos under any circumstances, let me know and we will respect your wishes.  However, if you do not take corrective action on your own, we may still choose to delete redundant or low quality files.

Currently I am only reviewing relatively recent additions, but I encourage all members to look through their albums on their own and clean up excess photos, even if I have not sent you a notice.
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