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Mike McCann

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Rhode Island Dialect « on: August 25, 2014, 08:57:11 PM » Author: streetlight98
Well, I decided to take this survay here and post the answers here.

1. A
2. (I say "ben" like the name Ben. That's how everyone I know around here says it...)
3. A
4. B
5. A
6. D
7. A
8. (I pronounce Craig as "Creg" (rhyming with Greg) though I know it's supposed to be "Cray-eg". Cray-on sounds weird to me too; I say "cran"...)
9. A
10. A
11. (I say "Flor-a-duh" and "Flar-u-duh" (Flar as in "far" with an "l") interchangebly)
12. (Hmm... Don't really use that word though if I were to I guess I'd say "fluh-rishing")
13. B ("Hankerchif")
14. A
15. B (Mary --> Mairy ("air" with an M in front), Marry (the "Ma" sounding like "Mad" so "mAArry", Merry "Meh-ry")
16. A
17. A ("Mearuhkle")
18. A (never heard of 4 syllables)
19. A (I've heard people here, mostly older people, say Mondee, Fridee, etc. I pronouncs Wednesday as "Wensday" and Saturday as "Sad-uh-day")
20. A (PaJAMuhs. PajOMas is so annoying to me lol)
21. (You know what, this word is so weird and I don't even use it anyways. I guess what ever flows better lol...)
22. A ("e" isn't pronounced)
23. (Hmm to be honest it just sounds like "rea-ly")
24. B
25. A
26. A (I pronounce "root" and "route" the same way.
27. ("ser-up")
28. A
29. A
30. (I say "an-a-ver-su-ry")
31. C
32. B (I say Canadit, the same way I'd pronounce Canada (sounding like a tin "can", not "Cahnada"...)
33. They both sound the same for me but if I have to choose one, it's B
34. ("X-etera")
35. B ("Garadge")
36. A
37. A ("Hyoo-man")
38. A
39. Sounds the same to me...
40. B
41. B
42. (A B and C sound nearly the same to me...)
43. ("Tex-iss" like "Miss" or "Piss" or "Kiss")
44. (I don't stress either word, it's just "cream cheese" flat.)
45. B
46. B (It's "New Hay-ven", not like the word "Have" as many people out of the region think it is. Some people not from the northeast call it New Havin' like "having" and I can't help but laugh.)
47. B
48. B
49. A
50. G
51. B
52. B
53. B
54. B
55. B
56. B
57. B
58. B
59. T (never heard of it. Sounds like a dangerous and foolish thing to do IMO...)
60. H ("strip of grass between the road and sidewalk"? IDK lol)
61. (If it's a narrow stip with no additional guardrail I'd call it an island, same if it's paved. It's it's a giant grass area between two opposing directions of freeway, then it's a median)
62. If it's a wide strip of grass like on a rural interstate, then it's a median. If it's a divided road with just a thin strip of grass or asphalt then it's an island...
63. A or C
64. A or B
65. B but I've heard of them being called "lightning bugs"
66. I don't know what they're talking about... Never seen/heard of one before...
67. A
- Mom's mom: Grammy
- Mom's step-dad: Grampy
- Mom's dad: Pepe "pepay" (it's french)
- Mom's step-mom: Meme "Memay" (also french)
- Dad's mom: Grammy
- Dad's dad: Papa "pa-pa", not the normal "pap-a"
72. A
73. A
74. If it's what I think it is, it's a pill bug...
75. A, D, or E with preference towards D and E
76. (I just say it's "diagonally across the street from", When something is diagonally up against a corner in a room, creating a right triangle, that's the only time I use "kitty cornered")
77. A
78. B
79. A
80. "It's raining with the sun out"
81. A
82. N "gunk"
83. like an easy class? I just call it an easy class...
84. A
85. A
86. C (never heard of it)
87. C (never heard of it)
88. Uh... "f*ucked up feet" maybe? i dont know lol...
89. C and D
90. I use A and B interchangebley though I know they're not the same thing...
91. I don't eat salad so I'm not familiar with the different types of dressing though "oil and vingar" sounds better...
92. "that @$$hole is changing lanes too fast" lol
93. B
94. A
95. A
96. C
97. A
98. A
99. F
100. A or D
101. A or B
102. A
103. A
104. A
105. A
106. A
107. C
108. A
109. A
110. H
111. A
112. (never heard of or seen that word so I don't know...)
113. B (amp-a-theater)
114. B
115. A
116.(never heard of or seen that work before so i dunno...)
117. A or C
118. G
119. A
120. B or simply "I want to sit in the front seat"
121. F
122. B

Go ahead and take it for yourself if you'd like!

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Re: Rhode Island Dialect « Reply #1 on: October 12, 2017, 10:36:34 PM » Author: HomeBrewLamps
I took two of them, an american one and a canadian one, heres results


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Re: Rhode Island Dialect « Reply #2 on: October 13, 2017, 03:03:51 PM » Author: CEB1993
Here's a picture of my results for the nytimes survey.  As I expected, I have a thick Southern accent that sounds like folks from Alabama, Mississippi, and most of Louisiana  ;D


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