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Rules « on: June 28, 2006, 07:51:35 AM » Author: pslawinski
Note these rules are subject to change without notice.

Violaters of these rules will be dealt with in a manner seen fit by the moderators of this site.

Text-Based Forum Posting:

1) Avoid Profanity

2) If applicable please include an image with your posts.  This can simply be a link to an image on the gallery.

Please note these considerations when uploading pictures:

1) Pictures should be lamp, lighting, or fixture related.

2) Please try to upload unique pictures as uploading several pictures of similar fixtures or lamps takes up space. If you have a picture of a certain fixture or lamp on the site already, and want to upload another, pick the best one, and let that be your representative shot.

3) Please resize or compress your pictures in order to conserve space. Use a photo editing program such as Photoshop, or Paint Shop. Please try to avoid uploading pictures that come directly from the camera without some kind of compression. I'd suggest at least 60% quality JPEG.

4) Please try to avoid multiple shots of the same fixture taken at different angles. The preferred angle for shooting a fixture is the 3/4 angle, which shows the side and bottom details simultaneously. Undershots and other non standard angles are acceptable, but should be reserved for specific reasons.

5) Night shots are most certainly welcome, but several different 400 watt mercury fixtures are all going to look the same at night. Again, find the best one of the group, and upload that one.

6) Lamps in several stages of warmup make for an interesting series of photographs, but such series should be uploaded with space consideration. If three pictures best illustrates the lamps' warm up process, leave it at three, rather than ten.

7) The administators of this site reserve the right to delete pictures deemed similar to others. This applies only to your own pictures. In other words, if you take a picture of a certain lamp or fixture already represented by someone else, yours is in no danger of being deleted. If you feel a picture is similar to one you have already uploaded, but have a reason to believe it should still be included in the site, please make note of your reason in the caption, and the administrators will take a closer look when making the final determination.

8) Please make an attempt at quality in the photo. If possible, avoid blurry, cloudy, poorly lit, obstructed, or background cluttered shots, especially when photographing common fixtures. Remember that it is more about quality than quantity when uploading images.
9) Do not discuss members who are possibly banned or not. That information is confidential.
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