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Nelson Ogden

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Free Fluorescent Appliance Tubes « on: June 15, 2019, 06:19:51 PM » Author: nogden
See the attached photos. Here are three fluorescent appliance tubes:

1. 21-watt GE F30"T12 30" tube -- new, now discontinued. I ordered an F30T12 from the supply house a few years ago and they sent me this one by mistake!

2. F28"T8/CW/4 -- used, unknown condition

3. 18-watt F18T8/CW/K26 -- used, working. I removed this from an electric range I scrapped. Mounting bracket and starter included. No ballast.

I will never use any of these so I'm offering them to the lighting collecting community for free -- just pay actual postage. Located in East Jordan, Michigan.

Might be fun to build a display of all fluorescent lengths from tiniest to 4" or something!
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