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Philips Con-Tempo Conversion Project « on: April 28, 2022, 08:27:09 AM » Author: 108CAM
I have 4 Philips Con-Tempo floodlights I found about a year and a half ago. I bought them home because I mistakenly thought the gear would be Australian made by Tridonic or Atco.
I opened them up to look inside and found everything was made in China. This made me sad because I really like the shape of the shells and the design on the glass covers. For months, I thought about weather to scrap the fixtures completely or hold onto them in the hopes I would eventually get some Australian made gear to put inside the shells. The fixtures sat on the back deck for a few months, then got moved to the scrap pile where they sat for a few more months.
Fast Forward to early 2022 and I decided to bring an old GEC halogen floodlight around to the back deck for restoration. I also decided to bring the Con-Tempos around for parting out and a pre scrapping strip down. I decided to do this because I had the lights for almost a year and had done nothing with them however about 1 and a half months later, I was given a box with Australian made HPS gear that needs a home. This gave me the idea of stripping down the Con-Tempos and installing the Australian made HPS gear inside the shells so I can have some good quality HPS floodlights that look nice, won't cost me anything and make use of parts destined for the scrap yard. The old Chinese made ballasts will likely be disassembled so I can unwind the copper and take it to the scrapyard. I've disassembled and unwound many ballasts and transformers so It's kind of second nature for me

Fluro starter pings combined with a 50hz ballast hum and blinking tubes is music to my ears.

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